About me and this blog

To begin with, I’m Michael. I love technology, and how it’s always improving. Microsoft is one of the companies I like for that reason. They make some really great stuff, and I love it (even though you got lots of haters). I also love to talk about the future, and some of the things that I wish will happen (realistic things of course) in the future. So I decided to make an official blog for this. I’m usually good at giving insight to what companies should do to improve themselves. I’ve given tons of advice before, and it usually works. And everyday, I see a piece of Microsoft technology, whether it’s a website, software, hardware, whatever, I think, man do I really wish they could improve that. So my way of telling them this is saying it on my blog. About me: It may be a turn off, but I’m a teen. I know what you’re thinking, "Oh, it’s just a kid. Why should I bother listening to him?" I may be a teen, but I know what I do. And that’s giving good advice. I’m just hoping some Microsoft techies notice this site, and maybe take note of it. I really do have some useful info, and you should really hear what I have to say. I’m from Houston, TX. I love to play football, read, work-out, and surf the web. Normal teen stuff.

I know posting on Live Spaces is kind of an amateur thing for some people, but I’m not the kind of person that has time to bother making a website, and work on it all the time. Live Spaces is just easy to use, and I’ll stick with it.


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