Microsoft Surface – The way of the Future

I saw this around 11 PM here (live in Central Standard Time), and I was pretty amazed. At first, I thought it was going to be another one of those multi-touch things we’ve seen before on the web (Jeff Han, iPhone anyone?), but I saw something that made it different. The fact that you could put a device on it, and information could be spilled out of it, is just amazing. Put a camera on the table, and drag photos from it to your phone (also on the table) and it goes right into your phone. Use a real paintbrush to paint right on the surface. Place a credit card, and pay your meals on the menu that way. The fact that it can recognize physical devices is really amazing. I don’t think other similar multi-touch interfaces can do that yet. It’s like someone said said, "Microsoft Surface is like the merging of the physical world and the virtual world." That’s what makes it different from the other technologies. That’s why it’s so cool to me and the others.

On the other hand, you have tons of Apple fanboys crying out that Microsoft is copying the multi-touch from the iPhone, or Jeff Han, or the other similiar research that has gone into it. Here’s what I have to say to this

  1. Microsoft has been developing this since 2001. Check their site: at the bottom go to "Origins". You’ll see the brief history of it.
  2. Microsoft’s multi-touch is different from the other technologies in that it has object recognition. As in it can identify physical devices.
  3. The iPhone is really just a phone. It may be a nice phone, but that’s all it ever will be. To me, it really won’t change the world as much as Microsoft Surface will.
  4. Lots of them complain that since it cost $5000 – $10,000, barely any consumer will buy it. The thing is, is that right now, it’s mainly for commercial use, but when the technology gets cheaper (a few years maybe), Microsoft will be able to develop it more for just the consumer.
  5. With Microsoft’s captial, this will take off faster than what the other guys are doing. At least they’ll be able to fully mass-produce this.
  6. And about the stupid DRM/BSOD/M$ always fails/whatever – Now that’s just plain stupid. Go ahead, rant what you want, but you know that deep inside, you’re really just jealous.

That’s about it. I’ll put photos on the photos section of the blog.


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