The table in “The Island” actually is Microsoft Surface (just to let you know)

I’ve heard many people compare Microsoft Surface to the table in the doc’s office in "The Island". The thing is, is that the doc’s table is Microsoft Surface. How do I know this? During 04′, I worked on the set design of "The Island". My team was in charge of helping our advertisers (who will help fund the movie), to make their products (think product placement) look futuristic to fit in with the movie. Well, Microsoft was one of our biggest advertisers. They brought in this table, and we were just impressed with it. It was the most amazingest thing we remember. We worked to help make the UI and stuff on it fit with the movie. So it was Microsoft Surface, just that it wasn’t called Microsoft Surface yet, and had an 04′ look. It was still the same basic technology though.


So this was really impressive, and it still is. It’s pretty much what made me think of Microsoft in a good way. And I still haven’t lost hope at all.

BTW: Just to prove that Microsoft was an advertiser, in the movie their was Xbox (virtual 3D Xbox arena), MSN search (MSN search booth), and even a Microsoft logo on a downtown L.A. building (in the CGI panorama of the city, probaly just to get the brand name in). It’s even on Wikipedia. Check the bottom bullet if you don’t believe me. Sadly, I didn’t take any of my own photos. We were suppose to keep it "a secret". So the best I got is just a pic shown during the movie. Isn’t it amazing how technology has advanced? 🙂


4 thoughts on “The table in “The Island” actually is Microsoft Surface (just to let you know)

  1. @ You know better:
    I\’m sorry. I put a retraction post today. So I\’m very sorry. I might have overexaggerated and assumed a little bit. I didn\’t mean to do so. I\’m sorry.

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