I think I know the secret solution to how MSN/Windows Live could win

I think I’ve figured out the answer as to how MSN/Windows Live could win. I’ve always thought about it. Let’s face it, Google is starting to get a bad rep. here. Now they’re being investigated for how much ‘privacy’ they do know (which has always scared me), being unfair as being the default search for many toolbars and browsers, criticizing Microsoft for now allowing Google Desktop into Vista (which is really redundant in Vista anyway), and how results lately have been getting less correct. Plus a bazillion other things that are small, but big to others. So MSN/Windows Live could look like a really good alternative right now. I just wished that Microsoft would speed it up a bit. It’s taking them quite a while to get it right. So here’s a brief outline of the years in advanced:

  1. Get MSN/Windows Live right – So far, they’re doing pretty good, but they have to pull their act together to be successful. It’s like watching a start-up band still warming-up. They’ve got some good stuff right now, but if it’s not all cohesive, then it’s not going to work out. That’s why I’m here. I’m going to tell Microsoft or anyone else who’s interested in exactly what I do want MSN/Windows Live. I’m basically here to tell them how they can improve and whatnot. I’ve got tons of good ideas, but it takes someone to actually listen to it, for it to happen. Their search, services, and content all need to improve. I think I’ve got the answers to it.
  2. Advertise the difference between MSN and Windows Live – This comes right after getting MSN/Windows Live right (#1). Once they actually do get everything right, then it’s ok to start showing the world what they’ve got. The biggest goal they have to accomplish is trying to get out what’s the difference between Windows Live and MSN (windows live = search + services, MSN = content). Otherwise people are still going to be confused, and skip them altogether. Plus, they should start comparing themselves to their competitors, Google and Yahoo!. If people don’t know what makes M/WL any better, then they’re going to keep using what they’ve got. They have to be more tactful instead of all these wimpy ads I’ve seen.
  3. Improve some more – Likely they’ll get some more users if they advertise the right way. The main goal of any good ad is to captivate the audience (sort of like the iPhone ads, now those are good). The ads I see for M/WL right now don’t make me the least bit interested. So they’ll get more users, and they’ll keep improving based on what these new users have to say.
  4. Launch the biggest advertising the world has ever seen – This comes right after everything seem to be just perfect or so good, that it’s time they just show it to the whole world. And we’re talking about BIG advertising here. A few web and link abs won’t do. I’m talking about Times Square, electronic bill boards, sponsors in major events (the Olympics?), sponsors in major websites, TV ads, product placement in TV shows/movies (subtle of course), and I have the plan for the biggest viral marketing ad that nobody would probably guess. It will be sure to make the world have a real 2nd thought what they should use for search, and who’s really should be the king of search. This advertising really has to be BIG. If it’s like the same way as it is now, then it’s gonna be real sad. This is all of course hoping that MSN/Windows Live gets it right after following my advice.

So this is something real big here. I think this is the secret formula that will launch MSN/Windows Live right off the Earth. I’ve got a few plans in my mind that will certainly make this super awesome. I really have hope in M/WL because I like it as it is now, but with all the major improvements I’ve always dreamed about, they really can be #1.

I just wished that somebody from Microsoft came to talk to me, and you know, maybe just invite me to meet the team there in Redmond. I’m quite certain that they’ll really make a young boy’s heart feel really good. I just hope some Microsoft employees actually read this blog. I wouldn’t mind paying my own trip to Redmond, just to rush up to MS headquarters and tell them how they could improve. I see so much potential, but I think it’s kind of sad that I’ll just have to restrict it, to this blog. Please someone from Microsoft, contact me, and invite me to come over.


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