What I actually write about on this blog

I’ve been puzzling over what the main topic of my blog is about. At first, I thought it was just anything Microsoft. But it isn’t. I’m not used to all Microsoft products. I just talk about some of the stuff I actually see and experience. And sometimes other interesting tech pieces. So here is what I talk about:

  • MSN/Windows Live – I really think there’s some future to it. Sure, it’s not that overwhelmingly cool as Google, but several technologies and things I’ve seen under MSN/Windows Live is pretty cool, and I think Microsoft can really do something with it. Of course with my, and many other people’s, insight.
  • Zune – It’s not a big thing over the iPod, but it is something neat. I’ve used both, and I see some more promise in the Zune. If only they could speed it up.
  • General Microsoft stuff – Maybe something I see interesting about Vista, Office, Xbox 360, and just some other interesting bits.
  • Other tech news – might have to do with Microsoft, might be something else. I’m not sure yet.

So that’s really what I write about on my blog. I’m going to be putting some more emphasis in MSN/Windows Live though. It what most computer users see, and it’s pretty interesting how it can develop to really be something. So that’s what my blog is all about.


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