Windows Live – a new look?

It seems that Windows Live is due for a new look. It seems to lose the iconic Flair UI and replace it with a more Vista glass UI. While the new Vista glass UI is visually pleasing, there’s nothing really wrong with the current Windows Live UI. It already looks great to me, compared to other search engines. They just need to tweak and promote it more. I guess if the new Vista glass UI is going to come, I guess we’ll just have to embrace it. But there is one complaint I have for it though (and among several others). It’s that the new UI will lose the very iconic ‘spyglass’ button. You know, the magnifying glass button on the end of the search box? That’s going to be taken away and replaced with a somewhat not-so-better ‘search’ button. To me, that’s a big mistake. First of all, the ‘spyglass’ icon is the most recognized thing associated with Windows Live. Other sites have even liked it and use it (i.e., Brightcove, and others). Second, the new ‘search’ button isn’t the visually pleasing. It’s one of the things that I’ve always hated about traditional search engines. The search button always stood out so tacky. The spyglass at least looked cool. The ‘search’ button is like something arising from the dead. So if Windows Live is going to make some big UI changes, they should definitely keep the ‘spyglass’ icon.

Otherwise than that, hopefully, it’s actually going to be implemented good. I hope it won’t be half-baked and have tons of stuff wrong with it. So please keep the ‘spyglass’ icon, and hopefully it will be great. I got this from LiveSide by the way. A Windows Live fansite. I put a hyperlink on ‘a new look’ in the 1st sentence of this post.


One thought on “Windows Live – a new look?

  1. I agree about the Search button so much; Live Search actually had "innovated\’ something there, and to simply get rid of it would be quite senseless.

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