Why can’t Live Search have holiday logos like Google and Yahoo!?

I think the holiday logos that Google and Yahoo! have are neat. You know, like when there’s a special holiday, they change their logos to reflect it. It’s pretty neat. Here’s Google’s today:   

I couldn’t get one of Yahoo!’s (since it’s almost already midnight, they removed it off the site, and no one bothered to get a picture of it) but it had a dad and a boy, holding a kite. The kite was exactually the top portion of the exclamation point in the Yahoo! logo. And the picture even moved a little, with the boy and the line moving. It was pretty neat.

But Windows Live doesn’t do this at all, and I think it’s pretty sad. I don’t see why they can’t do it. It would be pretty nice if they could. But then again, could they change the logo? The Live Search homepage just simply has the words ‘Live Search’ in black text over the search box. While simpilistic and nice, what could you do around it? The most I could imagine would be that the boy was laying on the left of the ‘L’ in the logo, and the dad would lay on the right of the ‘h’ of the logo. Then they could be dreaming/thinking and a cloud thought could show up above the logo with a nice graphical radiant heart inside it. To show love between the two. That would be neat. Best I could think of anyways. I doubt they would ever do this with MSN though. That would be way harder!

So I do hope one day (maybe next year, or even this year) that they’ll do something like that. It’s at least something to show that you respect the holidays.


2 thoughts on “Why can’t Live Search have holiday logos like Google and Yahoo!?

  1. And hey, while they\’re at it why not move to Mountain View and change their name to Microogle?
    Microsoft is not Google. As so many people across the internet go to great pains to shout hysterically Microsoft should not try and ape what Google are doing – they should try and innovate instead. Be a leader not a follower. If you\’re jumping on the bandwagon you\’ve already missed it. Insert your chosen cliche here. if Microsoft did what you are suggesting there would be an outcry of "There go Microsoft copying Google again".
    I read every one of your blogs with interest and I wish you well but your opinion of "Google are doing it – why aren\’t Microsoft" isn\’t one that Microsoft should be following, and nor should they.

  2. @Jamie: You\’re right. You\’re absolutely right. I just thought it would be something neat that they could do. And sometimes I wish that Google could do something that Microsoft did, or something that Yahoo! did, or other ways around. It would just be great if just one company could really make something truly great, all put together in one experience.
    But you\’re right. Microsoft will do things they\’re way, Google will do it they\’re way, and Yahoo! will do it they\’re way. My post was simply just about a wish.

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