I was wrong – about Microsoft Surface and “The Island”

There’s been a recent development about whether on not Microsoft Surface was actually in "The Island". It turns out it wasn’t. Instead, the one in the movie has to do with Mark Coleran and some others. Details are sketchy, but we’ll soon find out.

I assumed Microsoft made it, because they were advertising a lot in the film, but that was just an assumption. And when I saw Microsoft Surface, I immeadiately assumed it was also the one in "The Island". I didn’t really work much with the table thingy on the set. I just thought it was cool and all. I messed up. I’m sorry. So please disregard of Microsoft having anything to do with the neat table in "The Island". It turns out it was just something else. It’s just that making an interview to an important blogger could really make someone (like me) go crazy. And I might exaggerate a bit, and go completely off the charts, and make up some of the smaller details, but I didn’t mean any harm. I’m really sorry.

Please forgive me. I will never ever put something uncredible in my post again. Nor will I spout out information like that to others again. I’ve done this before, by accident, and I’m really starting to learn from it. I mainly write about MSN/Windows Live and Zune. Other parts of Microsoft, I’m not too familiar with, so it was my mistake. If you don’t want to read from here again, I understand. But please understand that I won’t ever do it again. I’ll only right about what’s true and blue. If you can understand, thanks.

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