Spots in the new MSN UI – Still not completely finished

Since the January Effect, MSN has been given a new look. It’s much more polished looking now, and much more nicer to go to than before. There were some UI changes to make it look better, function better, and overall, it’s been better. But not everything got the new MSN look. There’s several spots on MSN sites that didn’t get the whole new clean look. So I’ll point them out so that maybe the MSN team could take a look at them and try to do something about it. So here’s are the links to the messy MSN pages that need fixing:

  • MSN People and Chat – This site is pretty much dead. At least it seems that way to me. It’s really suppose to be a place to make groups (sites that pertain to an interest, like Xbox 360, fishing, etc.) and to meet on chatrooms, but it died. Chatrooms are no longer available, they died last year, and I never even tried them. Groups are somewhat disappointing compared to Google and Yahoo! groups. So the best way to fix it, is to revamp the existing ‘MSN Groups’ and add tons of great new features, and integrate it with Live Spaces. That’s the best place to put an Internet group right? Where people socially interact on their Live Space blog and in Windows Live Groups. It just makes sense to me. Revamp it, add new features, and integrate Groups into Live Spaces. About the chatrooms, they should either revamp it also and add new features, and launch a nice new MSN UI page for it. Or kill it off completely. Personally, I would think a new chatroom service with tons of cool stuff, might help MSN, but it’s there choice. So that’s what they should do about that dead page.
  • MSN Hotmail Login – I don’t get why this page still exists. MSN Hotmail is now Windows Live Hotmail. So why would a person that has to sign-in go to that page? It’s still the same old ugly MSN UI look, and has nothing to do with the Windows Live part. Instead users should be directed to go in by the more better Windows Live sign-in style. Much better if you ask me.
  • MSN Yellow Pages – Another MSN disaster page. There’s a direct link on the MSN homepage, but you can also access it on one of the tabs on the MSN City Guide pages, from the local search area. There’s four tabs on that page, and only the Yellow Pages tab leads you to the yucky old MSN UI. So that’s kind of a big break in the January Effect there. They ought to fix it.
  • My MSN – Another MSN site still not updated. Function-wise, it can do a lot. Looks-wise it’s not hot. Actually, pretty much can do the same thing as My MSN. I don’t know if has as many or the same modules as My MSN does, but it should be hard to fix one up for them. So pretty much, My MSN is pretty much a throwaway site. Of course, any of the sites that are going to be tossed, ought to have a message about why it’s going away, and a link to the other extension of it. That’s what I have to say.
  • MSN Greetings – It’s a e-card site. I don’t use it, because not all of it is free. They offer a 30 day trial, but I’m not interested. I wish they would offer more free eCards and highlight their paid service second. Well anyways, they haven’t updated to the new MSN UI which they should really do.

These sites don’t really need to be fixed as the ones above, but they still need fixing sometime:

  • MSN Shopping – I seriously think it’s pretty boring. Does anyone actually use it? Windows Live Shopping was much better. I always thought that Windows Live Shopping should stay, because it’s more of a service type of thing (fits Windows Live = search + services), and it seemed much better on Windows Live than MSN. I never used either site, but if I wanted to, I would have stuck with Windows Live Shopping. MSN Shopping looks boring, and not some place I want to shop at. So they should really fix it’s looks, or else it will stay as a dud. Nothing interests me on that site. I always thought MSN should partner up with for MSN Shopping. Instead of being on MSN Shopping, the MSN brand should be on They could partner up, and AdCenter could be on there, and other MSN integration with the 2. I use anyways, and I have no problem it. So MSN Shopping better do something, or it will be a dud forever.

That’s just some of it. Or the ones that really need to be fixed first. I might go into a more in-depth view of each MSN site some other day. So hopefully someone on the MSN team is reading this and taking some notes. Those sites ought to be fixed. Thanks for reading.


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