Thanks Owen Trutner

It’s great to hear feedback on my site. Especially considering that I gave feedback to his site. I wrote a post about how Live Books search is better than Google Book Search. Today, I got a message in my Spaces inbox, from Oren Trutner (no Spaces link or anything). I don’t think he’ll mind if I repost the letter:

"Michael, I loved reading your blog entry comparing Google’s and Live’s book search sites. This is a great analysis. I can say that many of the suggestions you mentioned for the Live book search site are lined up for the next release, later this year. Performance will definitely get better. I hope we can get much of the rest into the product sometime in the future.

-and thank you for taking the time to write thoughtful feedback on the Live book search site and on your blog.

Oren Trutner

Live Search Books team, Microsoft"

It’s great to hear that I made a difference, sort of. It also feels good that a Windows Live employee took the time to write me a friendly letter thanking me for giving thoughtful feedback. It means that Microsoft actually listens to feedback. That’s a great sign. Plus, the fact that a statement on the feedback site says that they can’t always provide a personal response. But the fact that he did, shows Windows Live cares. I just wish there was more feedback on this site. I can’t help but wonder sometimes, if anyone actually reads this blog, at all. I just blog sometimes, because I believe that if someone puts it out there, then someone will read it. And it might make a difference. So if you have any feedback or want to give comments about my blog (looks, content or anything), go ahead and do it. It’ll make me feel great that there’s some readers.


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