PC’s in general


I already wrote a post before about how PC’s could improve, but I thought I should go into exactly what is wrong right now with PC’s. I have a Sony Vaio SZ and a MacBook Pro. They both work great. No problems at all. Those two are top-of-the-line products. It’s probaly every other PC makers dream to be within those standards. But they aren’t. Here’s what frustrates most people about the way PC’s are made and done:

  1. Low-budget computers – These are the worst. The absolute worst. They should be avoided completely. Actually, they should stop being built, is what I should say. Dell, HP and some other makers love to market these kind. They’re cheap and they work is how they advertise. Not really, though. They don’t always work, because since it’s running on low configurations, it doesn’t work as great. These users run into frequent problems. Then it’s not so cheap when you have to go through tech support, help, and eventually buy a new ‘better’ PC, and trash the old one. Low-budget computers are a waste of money and time is what they are. It’s tiring to hear that PC’s are thought of this in general. It’s only because so many people think that these computers are worth using, because they’re cheap and work. These are the kind of users who don’t care about computers, or use them that much. Or have much knowledge of them either. Unfortunately, PC makers love to take advantage of this, and get these kind of people to buy that crap. Then when users are frustrated so much, they’ll have to resort to buying another one, which the company conviently gives a discount or some kind of nice way, to get one of their ‘more better’ lines. That’s a cheat! Instead of making these horrible computers, how about only making ones that are actually good? Even if someone is poor, or can’t afford a computer of quality, I’m quite sure that they could save up a whole lot, or have PC makers offering nice ways to get some of their better brands. Instead of resorting novice users to buy the cheap ones. Cheap computers should go away completely. They run into problems all the time, and make the PC vendors look bad. Apple and Sony usually make computers of high quality. Dell, HP, and others don’t have to do that, but at least don’t make crappy products. I would say that computers users should buy mid-range to high-end computers instead of low-end crap.
  2. Too many computers and weird names from one maker – What’s a Acer TravelMate 6460-6263? Or a Asus A8JR-4P021C? Dell Inspiron E1505? Gateway NX57OX? HP Pavilion dv6500t? Those are some names of some pretty great Vista laptops from LAPTOP magazine. But most likely, people haven’t heard of them, or can even remember them. So why would they bother with them? Probably because they don’t care. There seems to be too many choices to pick from, from each vendor. How do I know which one is better? Besides the price? The thing is, I probably wouldn’t. Unless you’re a tech geek, or something of that kind. To me, they all look the same, all seem the same, and are probably the same, except for maybe a different resolution size, or maybe a slightly bigger screen, or maybe 1 extra feature, or maybe a more nicer feel, and all of them have probably different names from the same maker. It’s kind of ridiculous. Names are another thing. It’s easy for a Mac user to yell out that he has a MacBook Pro. Would someone yell out that he has a Dell Inspiron E1705? No way. Number one, he probably wouldn’t even remember the whole name. Number 2, he probably wouldn’t even want to yell it out, probably because it’s embarassing. That’s the truth. PC makers should just have a couple of different notebooks (no more than 10 different types) and with friendier, easy-to-remember names. If they can’t have simplicity in what they have to offer, people are going to get tired of that, and switch to Macs completely.
  3. Adware – That’s the most annoying thing for a computer user. Most likely we don’t want it, care about it, or want to bother with it. So there’s pretty much no point in putting it on there, or we’re just going to hate them and their product. Plus the fact that they could have harmful spyware and whatnot, is another thing that wants me to kill them. It may pull down the cost of the computer, but if they had the option to come without it, even for a higher price, I would most likely go for it. But there usually isn’t that option. So they should kill them away. The most annoying one on my Dell computer is Google. Google’s ok for web search, but not on my computer. The fact that Google is known for stealing/keeping user privacy is creepy, even on the web. Putting that on my computer makes that even worse. It took me weeks to get it off the radar. Actually, I just updated to IE7, and it was gone. Thank goodness. So PC makers should stop selling adware, and just put that darn higher price for it. Most people are probably going to opt to pay higher, rather than deal with low quality.
  4. Design – I’ll touch this briefly. Basically, most PC designs are awful (with the exception of Sony). They look bland, the same, boring, ugly, and tons of awful adjectives (this mainly fits Dell’s profile). I’m talking about the looks, configuration, and all that into how it was made. It’s just usually not good. The best from each maker is usually their high-end stuff. Unfortunately, they’re either too expensive, or they’re just not marketed enough. As a result, almost no one buys them. Too bad for them. PC makers should just work on hiring real designers, and make their computers look nice, and work nice. I don’t see how I have to even go into that. Or at least they should stop selling the very worst, and semi-worse.

My opinions probably aren’t going to change the world, but at least this is what I think PC makers should do to better compete in the market. Or else they’re doom to lose to Apple.

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