New Xbox 360 Homepage!


I was breezing through some sites, when I stopped by the Xbox site. They’ve completely redone it. It is somewhat better, I’ll admit. The old one wasn’t bad though. I like how the layout is much more clearer. There’s also a more obvious integration of other Microsoft properties on it. Like I see ads for Zune, Games for Windows, and other stuff. Pretty neat. While the other content on that site, aren’t any more Web 2.0, it does look somewhat cleaner, and easy to filter.So I think they did a good job on the revamp.

I’ve always thought the Xbox 360 site, was kind of bland compared to the Wii site, and PS3 site, but at least they’ve improved. Although I do wish they could’ve added some more like. Like the country’s international flags displayed at the top bar, instead of the text of the country. Much more easier to see that way. Plus make some of the game pages show a more Web 2.0 look, instead of boring bland text and boxes. And some other intergration stuff. More flash, and fun. I don’t know, I’m no expert on sites.

So overall, this was a good revamp, and hopefully there’ll be more nice things coming our way.


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