New things that I would love for MSN and Windows Live to do


Here’s my wishlist of new things that I want MSN and Windows Live to make. Something new for each of them.

Windows Live:

  1. Windows Live Photos/PhotoShare (something of that kind) – A Flickr-like thing for Windows Live. It’s a service. I wish there was the already basic infrastructure of Flickr (sharing full quality photos, groups, Web 2.0 layout, simple UI, easy layout, etc.), but add-on to it. Stuff like making your own personal Photosynth experiences. Geotagging your photos on Virtual Earth if you’re a big traveler. Easier way of importing photos (like drag across the photos you want to bring in, instead of picking one by one), Faster uploading. A more flashier and shiny UI (sorry, can’t help it) similar to that of Soapbox. Cheaper pro account (sorry, but $24.95 a year is too much for me) for about at least somewhere between $15-$20. Something along those lines. Basically, make Windows Live PhotoShare be an upgraded experience over Flickr, and you’ve got tons of people. Also, make a Flickr importer tool, instead of making us have to reupload all of our photos again. Or just buy Flickr, and improve it the way I said. Something, please!
  2. Windows Live Polls – It’s about time there’s an official polling site on the internet. You’ve got BuzzDash, and Bzoink, but they’re still kind of crappy. Instead, Windows Live should make it the ultimate voting poll on the internet. It’s still an untapped market, and many people love to vote on polls. In fact, I think the MSN homepage, and each of MSN’s content sites (Autos, Weather, etc.) should have a daily poll. With an archive too. If Windows Live were to make a poll, I would want there to be a nice simple, flashy UI (like Soapbox, MSN Entertainment). If it’s fast and responsive to, or else just make it plain regular. I want each of my polls to have a title, description, and up to 10 options. NO character limits on any of them. There should be a pie graph/bar graph/both next to each poll, to record visual data on the poll you made, and the public can view it too. Your poll can be applied to your personal sites including Live Spaces, Facebook, MySpace, and many others. It’s easy to attach tags to your poll. That’s all I can think of. Please make an official user-generated polling site.
  3. Windows Live Lyrics Search – It’s about time there’s an official one on the internet. Hopefully, the search can identify what ‘piece of the lyric’ that you know, and match it up with the millions of lyrics out there. And hopefully there’s filters to help narrow down your search. Like you can type pieces of lyrics, specify what artist you know it’s from, and other stuff. At least as long as you can filter down to the artist, year it was made, album, stuff like that, then that would make a great lyrics search engine. Hopefully, along with identifying what song you’re looking for, they can give you a link to the site that has all the lyrics. Actually, it would be nice right now if MSN Music had lyrics to all of the songs on the site. Or it was already available on Zune Marketplace and iTunes. It’s just tiring looking for the right lyrics, and it would help if Windows Live could do something.
  4. Windows Live Blog Search – A think a simple partnership with Technorati can bring blog search to Windows Live. And I only want to search for posts. Only posts. None of that frivolous stuff like videos and pictures that Technorati does. And filtering options like by date (recent or long ago) stuff like that. I don’t see why they can’t do a simple partnership with Technorati to accomplish this. It’s not like Windows Live has to create it’s own algorithm.
  5. Windows Live Patent Search – Google does this. Just simply working with the U.S. Patent office to provide something like this in search, would be easy. It’s about time someone else entered this. Maybe Windows Live can make it easy, such as filtering your search to make it better.
  6. Windows Live Translator – Yet again, Google already has this (and it works perfect, I think). Couldn’t Windows Live do something like this? Just to have something on the Windows Live side? I know the Windows Live team is still busy working and fixing on betas and current stuff right now, but if that’s something you really have to think about.


Actually, MSN already has a good list of content, like Movies, News, and other stuff. The only new thing that I could think of, is a big dedicated green section. I’m not sure if MSN will keep the site going after the Live Earth stuff is over. Right now, leads to the Live Earth/MSN page, and leads to nothing. It would be neat if MSN kept it going. Or they could make a partnership with TreeHugger (my #1 green site) and allow AdCenter ads on there, and have some MSN on there. That would be neat.

Otherwise than that, MSN just really needs a revamp of many of their content sites, rather than more new things.

That’s my wishlist of new stuff that I want Windows Live and MSN to have.


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    Thanks for visiting my site and the nice compliment. I like your site as well and will be coming back.

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