Yes! A minor Live Spaces update has come!

Ok, it’s not that exciting. But at least some update has come. So what’s really new?

  • Updated Windows Live Bar/UI – You know, the really shiny UI bar, that’s suppose to look better. Sadly, they got rid of the spyglass icon. I guess it does ‘look’ better. But not by that much. It’s also kind of slow, as of right now. It’s shown about everywhere, but the official Live Spaces home page (which seriously should have gotten an update itself). It seems ok. Much organized, I’ll admit.
  • Birthdays – It’s on your Space’s home page, and just notifies you when one of your friend’s is having an upcoming birthday. Also gives you the option of getting an eCard for your friend, or sending a message. Neat.
  • List Ordering – You can now change the order of any of your lists whenever you want. About time.
  • New Photo features – You can view somebody’s picture in full screen, on your computer. I tried it, and it really works nice. I didn’t notice too much of a quality difference. For the most part, it really is nice. I just wish you were also able to use your keyboard, like the left and right arrows to navigate between pictures. You also have the option to download each individual photo. It would also be cool to allow the option to download the whole album, but it hasn’t come yet.
  • Templates & Blog titles – Now there’s an option for templates. If you’re a real specified blogger, you can choose from some pretty good templates. Like one specified for blogging, one for a photographer, that kind of stuff. Titles at the top of each blog entry, now actually link to your whole post. Before, you would have to go at the end of each post, and select the ‘permalink’ option. About time they fixed this one too.

So for the most part, it’s good. It didn’t really hit on my Live Spaces wishlist, but it at least hit some of my areas. Like it kind of hit #5, Photo improvements, and #6, Live Spaces profile, but not exactly. Still a good update, and at least they’ve done something. Now if they could just get it across all the Live Spaces faster.

I got this news from LiveSide.


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