Zune 2.0 – Coming out in August

Yes! We finally have details on the new Zune version. "Zune 2.0" – The product’s actual name, is coming out sometime in August. The details are sketchy according to multiple reports, but here’s what we’ve confirmed:

  • Slimmer than first version – We don’t know how slim, but we’re promised that it will be significantly slimmer than the first one. Not a cheesy 2 mm, slimmer.
  • 7 different color models – When it launches, there’s will be 7 different colors. We know for a fact that brown has been dropped.
  • Flash version will also come – A 6 GB, portable flash drive will also launch aside with Zune 2.0. Too bad we don’t know what this will look like.
  • Use as a portable hard drive – Zune 2.0 (not the flash one) can be used as a portable hard drive. Now you can carry your Word docs, PDF’s, and whatnot.

No pictures sadly, but we also got the scoop on the 1.5 firmware update:

  • Updated WiFi – WiFi will significantly improve in this version. About time. Finally. What it is, we don’t know. Hopefully, there’s wireless syncing, and buying stuff on Marketplace on-the-go.
  • Lyrics support – Now you can view lyrics along with your songs when you play. I don’t know what took so long, but now we have support for that. Marketplace will also be updated, to include accurate lyrics to be sold along with the songs. Lyrics are an extra 10 cents.
  • Extra codecs support – More codecs will come supported. Not more info. than that.

I know the details are sketchy, and there’s no pictures, but it’s all coming in August. It seems like Zune 2.0 is really going to try to make a bigger splash. We’ll see when it comes time. I can’t wait.


5 thoughts on “Zune 2.0 – Coming out in August

  1. @Jesper: I don\’t have a direct link, but these are just rumors based on speculation. This is the most likely route Zune 2.0 will go, or else Microsoft is a goner if they don\’t attempt this. Seriously, Microsoft will not release Zune 2.0 and the Flash Zune as half-hearted as the 1st zune. This is the most likely way that Microsoft will give out these 2 products.
    It\’s too bad though, that it will be 2008 when Europe get it\’s first taste of the Zune. Microsoft wants it to be more of a success before it goes to Europe. So if you want one, I feel sad for you. 

  2. I just found the story myself. Thanks though.
    One of our devs here got himself a Zune, so I am reqally looking forward to getting one myself. Sadly, it looks like it won\’t reach Denmark until 2008. I guess I have to pick one up next time I am in the US.
    BTW, I am stealing your blog post for my own blog. I will link to you and give you credit of course. Thought I would mention it in case you saw it on my blog, and your Danish is not up to par these days 😉 

  3. Hey Michael. The Zune 2.0 coming out in August. Wow. I got a pink Zune last week, and so far, it\’s been going good. I really like it. Some of my other friends got Zunes too, and on lazy summer days, we share our music albums with each other. It\’s actually kind of cool when you really meet someone with it. It\’s kinda fun really. I know at least 3 close friends with Zunes. I can\’t wait for the new features to come. I\’ll IM you later.

  4. @Jesper: Thanks for the news. Sure, you can use it on your blog. I don\’t mind at all. Thanks for sourcing it!
    @Sammy: Hey. Glad to hear your liking your pink Zune. Sounds great. Nice knowing that you\’ve got friends to share it with. That\’s the most important thing. Good to hear that. 

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