Toyota’s 2008 Highlander ad – Good example of Web 2.0 and good design

I was flicking across the MSN site today, when I saw this Toyota ad in the upper right of the page. Generally, I’m not interested in auto ads (or any ads at all), but it stood out real different. The ad look real welcoming, and I liked it. The ad on the MSN page offered a 360 view and a hover-over-color change to the vehicle in the picture. Nice touch.


I clicked on it, and up came a neat site. All Flash and beautiful Web 2.0-like. It was very intuitive, beautilful, simple, and a pretty good experience. I liked it.

I was also a big fan of the eyecandy and the Web 2.0-esque of how it was. Web 2.0 things like:

  • curved edges around boxes
  • hover technology – translucent box comes up with text over picture, words/text glisten when you hover, little hover sounds when you go over things, colors change on vehicles, text bubbles pop up, etc.
  • Flash
  • clear/big words. Nice font.
  • easy to naviagate
  • tags – or tag-like blocks of text over certain areas to indicate something
  • icons – rich immersive icons (on the tags) that animate a little when you hover over the tags
  • immersive-ness – 360 views, drag interface, hover, etc.
  • nice futuristic soundtrack – not that Web 2.0, but it’s a nice touch

All of those are example of rich Web 2.0 techonology. Or at least great design. I loved it. It was something nice to play around, learn, and just plain cool. If you want to see the site, here’s the URL I picked up. Take a look. It’s pretty nice. Here a simple gallery below:



Nice picture, eh? Well I like the site, and it’s definitely something that I think is better than existing car-model-interactive-info. sites.

2 thoughts on “Toyota’s 2008 Highlander ad – Good example of Web 2.0 and good design

  1. I agree. Toyota\’s ad this time, was simply cool. They did a great job. I spotted this on the MSN homepage too. 

  2. Ooh. I saw this ad too. I thought it was pretty neat. I agree with the fact that most auto sites are kind of the same old and boring. But Toyota has taken a new look with this one. I like it a lot. I might not want a Highlander, but it has made me think of Toyota more postively. 

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