Windows 7 – What I want and think


Windows 7. That hangs as a big mystery in the air right now. I like many other people have not too much of a clue of what will be in it, but we can at least hope. Here are something that I would want it to have:

  • New UI – something real new and revolutionary. Or at least new. Revolutionary would be a nice second though. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s suppose to be some pie chart UI. Not sure how that would work, but sound interesting if possible. I saw a interesting video and post on Long Zheng’s site where there was this demo video, with this futuristic UI that could fit real well in Windows 7. Too close to Windows 7 that it seems real.
  • Integrated Anti-Virus – I know Microsoft and the stupid anti-trust laws that would come if Symantec and McAfee complained about this, but it’s just computer protection. Sounds stupid that it has to be separate. I’m quite sure as long as a user can install a different AV if wanted to, Microsoft’s own Live OneCare would be nice to bundle with the OS. Makes sense to me.
  • Supporting X64 – I’m not into chips and processors and all that, but another big complaint is lack of X64 support and compatibility. They’re left right behind. Windows 7 should really bring out X64 versions. I’m assuming it’s better, because it’s a bigger number than 32. I’m guessing the industry is moving that way, and so should version of Windows. No doubt about it.
  • New features – For years, Microsoft has been called a ‘copycat’ for having similar features to Apple’s OS X. It might be true, I guess, but I think Microsoft tried enhancing what’s already existed, and making them better in their own way. They could have maybe copied the concept, but added some new functionality, or done it in a different way. Well, it’s about time that Windows jumps ahead of its competition. I don’t see why Windows can’t have the words ‘innovative’ and ‘awesome’ to it. I mean, come on? There’s good designers/developers/whoevers working at Apple. Can’t we expect something good from the taskforce on the Windows team? I want something new, feature-rich, and just something that would make many users say "I love it and I want it". If Microsoft can do that, they’ve really got something.
  • WinFS? – With Ballmer saying it’s not killed, could we get this in Windows 7? I saw demos and pictures of it, and it looked real interesting. I’m not sure if I could use it myself, but it sure looked interesting. So how about finishing it up faster and placing this in Windows 7? Please? That would really make more people go back to Windows again.

Now I’m not sure what’s beyond all that, but I just hope as long as they have a good UI, easy-to-use, works with little problems, and is really amazing, then I’m all for Windows 7. What I don’t want to see about Windows 7:

  • Delays/Long time- No delays please! Don’t take a big vacation and forget your next version of Windows. Vista took a bit too long to come out 5 years. So please, no delays and do not take years and years to release it. Consumers don’t have patience. Please get it here by 2010.
  • Too expensive – $400 for a retail copy of Vista Ultimate? That is way too expensive. No OS should cost more than $250. At least Windows Vista Home Premium is only at retail (as of now) $239. That’s been a big complainer of Windows Vista. OS X Tiger is just $130. That’s really made some Apple fanboys gleeful about. I can’t argue with that. The highest price for Windows 7 shouldn’t exceed $250. That’s just the plain rules.
  • Too many versions – One of the big laughs about Windows Vista was the so many multiple versions coming out. I see where Microsoft tries to bend towards a wide market, but that just doesn’t work out. Vista Home Basic is a complete dud. Not sure about the business versions. There should only be two versions of Windows 7 : One for Home users, One for Business users. That simple. Home User could contain all the works, like Vista Ultimate, and Business user could contain all the works needed for businesses. Is it that hard?
  • Too resource intensive – Vista got complaints over this, especially with PC users who use cheap PC’s and dumb specs. Hopefully Windows 7 won’t kill computer trying to run on it. Could they try to make it as lightweight as possible? If they could, that would be sweet. (On a side note, I think if you’re using a high-end/mid-range PC, Vista’s working slow/unresponsive won’t be a problem for you)
  • Too underwhelmingWindows 7 better have a good reason why I would want to update my last version of Windows to this one. Vista’s great and all, but overall, it still seems like XP with better updates, security, and a few new features. But nothing that has me too excited.

So if Microsoft can do Windows 7 can stick to these guidelines, then Windows 7 might be a real hit. If not, well more people are going to start switching to OS X and Linux. Good luck.


3 thoughts on “Windows 7 – What I want and think

  1. Ugh. Windows. I like Windows Vista a lot. I use it on a Sony Vaio, and guess what? No problems. Most problems with Windows comes from choosing a cheap PC, and no paid anti-virus. Dumb. Just dumb.
    If Windows 7 was exactly the way you described it, then it would be so awesome. 

  2. There are lots of innovative features in Windows.  Its the Apple dweebs and Linux geeks that label it a "copy-cat".  Windows Media Center (AppleTV and Frontrow actually (poorly) copied that), is just one example of stunning, intuitive Microsoft software.  Tablet PC, and in Vista, "pen flicks" in the browser (similar to "flicks" on iPhone… another Apple \’innovation\’).  The "ribbon" in Office 2007….
    Microsofts big problem isn\’t that they don\’t make innovative software, its that they don\’t advertise it and call it innovative themselves.  Steve Jobs isn\’t a good innovator.  He\’s a good marketer.  Thats what Microsoft lacks.

  3. Also, keep in mind a few things about pricing:
    Most people don\’t need ultimate.  Thats for people with a domain who also want Media Center and Tablet PC.  Business users for the most part are fine with business (and get Tablet), and home users are fine with home (and get Media Center).  Tablet PC\’s don\’t really *need* media center, although its nice to have.  You\’re paying for premium products.
    Also, Apple does dumb things.  Sure they only cost $130 for an upgrade, but every Windows "Service Pack" like upgrade is a new shrinkwrapped product from Apple.  Apple\’s cost of ownership sure adds up fast….

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