Digg users are so stupid


Digg is a great site. Digg is a site where you can submit news you think is interesting, and other users can comment about the story on Digg’s pages, and find other news that users have posted. It’s also great in terms of Web 2.0. Very easy to use, good clean layout, looks nice, and it’s a cohesive experience.

But the one thing that is wrong, is the users. Unfortunately, Digg attracts lots of users. Technology, sports, movies, videos, common interest, lots of stuff. But on the tech side, there’s a big majority of open-source/Linux/Apple fanboys. And a very small minority of Microsoft-lovers/average-techies/smarties.

So most stories that land on the page, with a tech headline, are usually pro-Linux, pro-Apple type things. There’s a very rare chance that a pro-Microsoft story gets on there. Most stories on the Microsoft section are about bad stuff, and only get hit like once or few times a day, while the Apple section is rambling with new ones every 5 hours, and the same with the Linux area.

Take a look at today’s Microsoft section.

That’s ok, that there are supporters of 2 other groups taking on sides, but it’s the practice of commenting that gets to me.

If I say anything good about Microsoft, I get buried. The more buries there are, the more your comment looks bad. The more people digg your comment, the more better it looks. If my comment mentions that Microsoft is ok, it also gets buried. If I say Microsoft is evil, I get dugg. Stupid, isn’t it?

I’m betting they don’t even read it. They’ll probaly just scan to see if it says anything good about Microsoft, and they quickly bury it. What dummies.

I can see why so many people don’t like Microsoft, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft lovers can’t get respect. Most Microsoft lover are pretty open-minded and don’t always stick to one side if there’s a good reason. But nope, you get little respect on Digg. It’s not even worth trying to say how Microsoft is not so bad.

The recent news of Digg using Microsoft’s adCenter brought out lots of cries. Not as much as the HD-DVD fiasco, but still. "What’s wrong with Google?" "I’m better there will be less Linux stories" "No more Apple news I guess" "Hell must have froze over" "I guess Digg is going down the pipes" – All of it saying Microsoft is not worth it.

Whatever. Be stupid. Microsoft is only providing ads. They’re not going to take over the whole site and change it to Windows Live Digg or anything. Microsoft understands it’s hitting on a special website here. Altering the whole thing would give Microsoft a worse reputation. They are so not stupid to do that, I hope.

So I guess my post is just a rant. Whatever. But some times we just have to rant.

5 thoughts on “Digg users are so stupid

  1. Are you slow or something kid? Are you even slightly familiar with the history of this company or the horrendous quality of their products and practices? This has nothing to do with a collection of trite opinions regarding who provides a better computing experience, etc, and everything to do with the integrity of humankind. These people have no respect for free enterprise as they are conniving thugs from top to bottom. Just because complacency is a modicum on digg doesn\’t mean the user\’s are stupid. Going into business with known thugs warrants all the decrying in the world.It\’s lazy, complacent, spoiled, jackass dipshits like you that innovation-stifling commities of idiots like M$ continue to exist.

  2. You must be a real asshole kid."\’The most blatant violation was an arrangement by which PC manufacturers paid Microsoft the same royalty for shipping a computer without DOS as with DOS. As a result, manufacturers that bought a non-Microsoft operating system still had to pay Microsoft a royalty. Microsoft was "locking up the market with practices which every computer manufacturer despised and which the competitors despised," Anne K. Bingaman, assistant attorney general in charge of the Antitrust Division, said in July 1994. "To get these low prices, you had to sell your soul and never leave Microsoft." And she also said, "I hope consumers, within a short period of time, will have more choice of operating systems."

  3. @quikboy: Thanks for your thoughts.
    @Kelly-Marie L. : Thanks for your opinion – not that I appreciate it. Who\’s to say that Microsoft couldn\’t be a better company? At least one could hope. If I didn\’t believe in them, then I wouldn\’t bother with this blog.
    @Kill Bill : Thanks for the super long quote that pretty much means nothing. NO commentary – just a stupid quote you didn\’t bother explaining. You didn\’t prove a point at all.
    @(no name) : Thanks for the support.

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