My next series of posts will be about the future

Well since this site is about Microsoft and the future, it’s about some time I started directing posts towards the future. Not just about Microsoft, but the future in general, and they way it could/should be.

As you can already tell (if you read my blog), I like to talk about upcoming things, wishlists for future things/updates, and pretty much anything forwards in time. I do talk about the present sometimes, but just sometimes.

I usually talk about the future, because lots of great things could happen in the future. I like to sit down an envision how things could be, how stuff can improve, and how life in the future can be more great. The present itself, right now, is also pretty great. But it doesn’t hurt to think about how the future can be better.

I like Microsoft, and sometimes I can envision them doing great things (if they do it right), and how wonderful it would be. I’m thinking that Microsoft does have the potential to make technology in the future great (if done right), because they already have the resources, the money, the existing platforms, and tons of things to get started. So they’re in pretty great shape, as long as they’re doing it right.

So my next series of posts will be about the world in the future. How it feels to be there, and what it’s like. Not that any of it is true, but it’s kinda fun to think about it. I’ll write first-person of course, and I’ll act like it’s happening for real. I’ll go into detail (as usual), and talk about how great it is. The posts are pretty much about what you see on here, but in the future. I’m still the same person, age, looks, and whatnot. Same person I always was. Just a different setting – the future. I’ll be labeling my future posts as POTF (Post of the future). So you don’t get confused.

If you’re not interested, then you can skip my blog for at least a week. I don’t think I’ll post anything other than that, for awhile. If something big comes along, maybe, but not likely.

I’m assuming that there are people reading this blog, of course. Considering the amount of visitors I get every day.

So please, don’t regard my next series of posts as real, and maybe it might sound interesting to you. Thanks.

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