Possible MSN homepage redesign?

This story is not based on a rumor, speculation, or anything. Just simply wishful thinking.


If the MSN.com homepage were going to get a big redesign, what would (or should) it look like?

Here’s my list of features that should hit the new MSN.com page:

  • Tabbed ‘News’ Section, and Tabbed ‘Feature’ Section – There’s already too many individual modules on MSN.com. One for news, one for sports, one for money, one for entertainment, there’s just too many around, and it all looks cluttered. All the news (national and local, etc.) will be tabbed apart in one section of the page. All the MSN featured articles (Sports, Video Highlights, Entertainment, etc.) will be tabbed apart in another section.
  • Hotmail module closer to the top – Most people just scan by the MSN.com page just to get to their e-mail. There is a module for your Hotmail, but it’s hidden at the bottom, and not seen very well. So their moving it higher up. Now, the Hotmail module will be right under the upper-right-hand ad. Right under it. There’s also an option where you can hover over to other options near it (like Messenger, Horoscopes, Weather) and see things on the fly. Very convenient.
  • Better use of page margins and color options – Currently, you have 5 color options, and MSN.com has a wide page margin. With the new look, the page margin space will be cut down, and utilized to make existing things on the page bigger. Instead of squashed up in a box. More color options including, yellow, purple, pink, and black. The page will also offer a shaded-hue/solid color option.
  • Daily poll – Everybody loves polls, right? There will be a daily poll on the MSN site. Topics will probably vary. Pretty much your average web poll – clean, to the point, straightforward, vote counter, answer vote bars, that kind of stuff. Just read the poll question, pick a choice, and press vote. Results will show up. Nothing more than that. Just something interesting on the MSN page.
  • More icon use – MSN is pretty much a text/photograph site. Not too much on the icon/graphical icon mix. Well it’s going to change. Graphical icons next to each service, to better depict each service. Like Autos would have a car, TV would have a TV, Yellow Pages would have a yellow book, you probably get it. Just more of that across the page, to make it easier to depict stuff.
  • Similar international sites – Currently, all MSN sites are a hodgepodge of different looks, with different content. The new layout is to be available to all foreign markets. Hopefully, that will bring up more people to try out MSN.

So if there’s any guideline to follow, this would be it. Hopefully, MSN can keep up with it. 6 steps to a better MSN.


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