(POTF) How life has changed since 2007


The following post does not contain anything known to be true and accurate. None of this post is based on rumors, speculation, or news. It is all just a little fun, poking at the possibility of what the future might be like to me. So don’t regard this as something real.

In my blog post, I’m the same person, just a different setting (the future).


I was in a real wondering mood today. I was wondering, what was life like, 2 decades ago? So I digged around, to see what life was like – in 2007.

Now I know, that some of you have probably lived through it. Neat. Not trying to make you sound old, but it’s pretty cool that you guys lived before that time. 2007 didn’t seem too bad of a year. Not like how it was in hectic 2012 (Mayan calendars – world coming to an end!) It seemed to be a real start to the digitial age. I mean, like everything to start becoming digital/virtual. And other events during that time.

So I searched up some info. about 2007, and here are some interesting comparisons:


  1. Surburbs are still the place the average American wants to live in. (compared to a rural or urban setting)
  2. World population is around 6.6 billion
  3. Las Vegas exists as a gambling and entertainment mecca
  4. Antarctica is practically barely inhabited (by humans) and is barely a country.
  5. People still generally use paper, newspapers, physical books, and that stuff.
  6. China has the world’s largest population
  7. Iraq is war-torn
  8. Movie theaters still exist to offer only movies
  9. Toys (like blocks, dolls, bunch of plastic stuff) are sold mainstream
  10. Oil/Gas is the main energy source

Since 2027

  1. Urbanism is the thing. Nobody wants to move to the suburbs where it takes a car to get you around real well, all the houses look too similar, and where it’s hard to find your friend’s house, or even the dry cleaners. Moving to more urban places has become affordable to move into, and crime has hit an all-time low. It’s just simply the better place to live now a days.
  2. World population is now 7.8 billion
  3. Las Vegas is practically deserted. AFter pretty much all the water sources to Las Vegas were getting drip dry (by hungry Las Vegas, and the desert climate), people had to leave – or no water. Newer water pipelines would have been installed, but the bill was canceled – big cities in a desert weren’t meant to be. Las Vegas is now a cool place to see a bunch of buildings, surrounded by sand dunes. It’s a perfect place for a scenic racing track, and photographs. It’s still living it’s tourist-self.
  4.  Antartica’s population has risen to 10,000, served by a president, and is a big tourist attraction. Pretty penguins, Aurora Borealis, and ice-landscapes are the main draw. But there’s been controversy of course.
  5. Newspapers pretty much (in the U.S.) died around 2011. They served little use as messy clean-up projects, then serving the news – considering you could find it on TV and on the web, but it was just too bulky and messy to touch. Paper is just used to sketch now, and take notes on. Most documents are sent electronically – and the paperless office does now exist.
  6. India has the world’s largest population. Still working on controlling it.
  7. Iraq formulated a better government, people got along and resolved their hatred differences, and now it’s standing as one of the Middle East’s better countries. Things have really improved. Cities are building up. Especially with the newly built, recreation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It is absolutely a must-see.
  8. Movie theaters now offer favorite TV shows, and old movies, alongside the news of course. AMC Theaters even established a cable channel where subscribers can get access to new movies, once after their finished playing at movie theaters.
  9. Physical/plastic toys has lost their luster. People got tired of picking them up, stepping on them, breaking apart (cheap!), and all the other things that made plastic toys more annoying than fun. Kids have moved on to video/PC games (educational and easy ones of course), and other forms of entertainment.
  10. Renewable energy is now the norm. Oil/Gas was just too inefficient, and wasn’t worth bothering with anymore.

2007 would have been a pretty interesting year to visit. Of course other things have changed, but I don’t know how much.

Life in this age is practically digital. I get all my songs, books, news, practically all my content on my computer. To the whole world at this point, physical media is old media.

Biometrics are basically your identity. It’s also my preferred method of using currency. Just place your handprint, scan, and you can pay off stuff with that. Biometric equpment has evolved so much. A simple picture of a print won’t fool it.

Automated Home Systems are practically the most wanted thing, and it’s way possible to get them. Especially since Microsoft bought one of the largest automated home companies, tweaked it, made it affordable, and has become the most wanted thing in homes.

Cars have left the old oil/gas behind, and the market has adopted to cars running on renewable resources.

Public transportation is now much more better, and has a tighter infrastructure in cities today. They even offer upper-class level in subway cars, less dirtyness in buses, and much more better public transport than before.

And you probably get the rest. A nice time we live in. Where pretty much everything is great.

It’s amazing how life has changed, since 2007.

2 thoughts on “(POTF) How life has changed since 2007

  1. I wouldn\’t be shocked about hearing the Las Vegas bit. It\’s not too hard to imagine that. I think there\’s an upcoming movie that depicts it that way.
    And all the other stuff seem true, kind of. Maybe not 2027, but sometime in the future. 

  2. True. That stuff probably could happen.
    I\’m doubtful of #5 and #8
    I mean newspapers? No more? What about the poor people? Who can\’t afford TV\’s or computers? How would they afford this?
    And movie theaters offering favorited TV shows along with premiere movies? If your future is having everything accessible by downloading off the internet, then what\’s the point of going to the theater to see it?
    But everything else sounds cool.

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