Home of the Future – My Style

Here’s what my home of the future would look like:

I would live in a mid-rise apartment in a cool part of the city. One that has a neat distinictive modern design on the outside, have a swimming pool and sprayground, a coffeeshop inside, park/playground/courtyard in the center, and the landscape well kept.

My apartment would be a 2-story, along the corner of one of the main buildings. It would be energy-efficient (like most homes will be built), aesthetically beautiful, have a taste of modern design, not too expensive (I’m hoping for at least less than 170,000), and have a home automation system (HAS) with the latest technology can offer. Pretty much your average dream home.

The entry to my apartment has a handprint scanner to check my identity. It matches handprints against the one that I set for myself. I enter in. The lights come on, automatically. All the lighting is presense sensitive – meaning that if somebody enters/leaves, it will turn on/off the lights itself. Or I could use the broad flat light switches, and the dim slider. My apartment isn’t programmed to talk, because it’s too creepy. This is pretty much virtually a smart house.

There’s a touchscreen monitor mounted on the wall in the entryway. System info, house maintenence info (like temperature, weather, etc.), messages, missed phone calls, alerts, all your basic home info. Works real nice.

The living room is pretty much the apartment’s entertainment room. There’s a 40" 3D Multitouch TV on one wall, plus other entertainment system extras in the lightwood digital entertainment hub. Digital picture frames on the tablestool, and on the wall. Threadwoven sofas and furry pillows (both for comfort, not really cuteness) help with the comfort. A darkwood coffeetable sits atop an interestingly geometric designed rug. Pretty much any dream entertainement/living room. Oh, and there’s no fireplace, because in Houston, most people don’t bother using it. Oh, and about the neat TV I’ve got: it’s a 3D Multitouch TV. You can view 3D movies on it – which is pretty neat. It also does multitouch. I can scroll endlessy through guides, with the tips of my fingers. flick through tons of thumbnails to find the one I want. I can manipulate the TV menu with my hands, which feels awesome. Also thanks to IPTV technology, coming from AT&T U-verse. Or I could use the latest Media Center touchscreen remote they offered. Which has a neat built-in screen to navigate with.

The kitchen is also what any dream kitchen is. There’s a system touchscreen mount on the small wall area next to the refrigerator. Works pretty much like the one near the entryway, except it also does kitchen duties – like recipies, grocery list, order groceries digitally, monitor the kitchen appliances (oven temp/basic controlls, refrigerator temp. etc.), and whatnot associated with kitchens. The refrigerator is a real sleek and shiny one. It’s of those refrigerators that has a freezer side, and a fridge side. The freezer side has of course the typical works – ice dispenser, freezer controlls, and whatnot. The fridge side isn’t one of those regular refrigator doors though. The fridge side has a glass door – like the one’s in the frozen section at the supermarket. Where you can see through. Although, it’s sleek and cleaner, of course. That’s the refrigerator. There’s a microwave/oven unit built-in to the wall that works as well as any other. The stove is an induction cooking stove. You know – the one with a flat surface, and not the grills. It’s much more energy efficient, easier to clean off of, and safer to use. Like if you accidently put your hand on it, it won’t burn you, because it makes enough heat to conduct through to the pot. So it’s not going to hurt. Spills are easily wiped off, and it uses the right amount of energy for heat, unlike the old gas stoves. There’s a regular dishwasher unit, and the pantry, island, counters, and whatnot. The sink is one of those presense-sensitive touchless kind. If you put your hand under the faucet, water will come right out. There’s touch controlls for hot and cold, where you glide your hand over the temperature index to show where you want the temperature, unlike regular knobs. It all works by touch – no more touching dirty knobs. There’s good lighting, tile floor, and all that.

The dining room is pretty much average like any other home. Fancy wallpaper design, nice long wood dining table/chair set, all your usual works. Nothing any more special in here.

The bedroom is one of my favorite places to hangout. The bed is a regular thing, with sheets, posts, and whatnot. I’ve got a walk-in closet, hardwood floors, good lighting fixtures, dresser, nightstand, all your usual bedroom features. There’s a cozy window nook, that looks out onto the city, with storage built-in underneath it. I’ve got a nice wood/aluminum desk with cool knobs, wood shelving, frosted glass covering on the shelves, and the works. I got my usual office supplies, and a nice computer on it. It’s a desktop computer, with high specs, built-in webcam, built-in speakers, beautiful design, touchscreen, all the works anyone wants on their desktop computer. It’s a Sony Vaio original. My OS is pretty much the latest version, that runs lightweight, fast, offers some of the latest goodies, and has everything that a dream OS could have. I’m not going to go into any specifics what that OS is. My desk is pretty much clutterless, since paper has gone completely virtual. I also have a thin tablet PC handy for on the go.

The bathroom is pretty regular. Tiled floor, sink, toilet, and shower stall. Just regular stuff. I didn’t bother putting in a bathtub of any kind, because I’m not that kind of person that would sit in a regular tub, or bother with scrubbing mold off of shower curtains. Wallpaper, towel rings, air freshener plug, regular stuff.

That’s pretty much my dream apartment.

The dream apartment or any housing would focus on key features like : low maintence, easy-to-use home automation system, aesthetic design, comfort, all what a dream dwelling would have.

I could possibly imagine a home automation system from Microsoft. I’m guessing that Microsoft would have bought a whole home automation company, tweaked it to integrate well with Microsoft products and other electronics, made it affordable for most homes, and all the works. That is, if Microsoft really thinks about doing it. Haven’t you ever seen Microsoft Home of the Future demos? I’m guessing they’re interested in becoming the leader of the digital lifestyle, before Apple can throw their hands on it. Of course, most people will joke about BSOD’s, crashes, and your typical MS problems. But luckily, Windows Home Automation should sell itself. Windows Home Automation (WHA) would have an easy-to-use UI, proper home maintenance and security, affordable, and has all the works you could have in any HAS. All of it a seamless experience. It’s likely to be the most popular HAS on the plannet, and be the most requested upgrade feature for homebuilding companies.. All of it being sucessful. That’s if Microsoft does it, of course.

Or they could be another has-been company. If Microsoft could do everything like my vision of an HAS built-in to an apartment, then they’ll have a awesome selling product.

Now I know my home of the future focuses a whole lot on technology, looks, modern design and whatnot. But what else would a home of the future be like? I might go into too much detail about some parts, but that’s how I can just envision it. That’s my home of the future. I hope you thought this was a good read.


2 thoughts on “Home of the Future – My Style

  1. You know – that\’s one of the things that I like about you. You right such good stuff. You go into detail, and it\’s not that hard to read.
    I like your idea of the future. Seriously. You pretty much painted a picture right in my head. Cool. 

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