Sorry for the lame posts

Hey guys. Sorry for the lame posts I’ve been putting up lately. I guess they do sound kind of boring.

It’s not easy blogging. I don’t always know what to blog about. There’s too many things.

Plus putting together a new blog post is kind of hard for me. I have to go through these steps:

  1. Come up with something to write about
  2. Use Live Writer and start typing up what comes off your mind
  3. Continually checking up sites to hyperlink, and getting the info. right
  4. Possibly finding a good picture to add to the post
  5. Spell Check
  6. Make it look nice and presentable
  7. Done

7 steps, but for me, they’re hard. I usually take up about 1/2 an hour to write one post. I try to post every 2 days if I can.

I like to put make-believe posts about a pretend Microsoft product/service that I’ve always wanted or expected, but it’s really hard to put it in writing. And then drawing up sketches is kind of lousy. I just do it to share some ideas, and maybe Microsoft might consider them and make it a reality. Silly, but if you don’t try, you can’t succeed.

I’m also a wishlist kind of guy. In these posts, I’ll directly point out what’s needed from Microsoft.

Then there’s other posts, like ones where I give a thought or comment about something coming up, and other stuff like that.

I don’t ever have any true insider secrets. Most of my blog posts comes from the top of my head, or from news that I’ve heard. Although I do have a few Microsoft employee contacts.

Plus the fact that I’m balancing my daily life, versus my web life, it’s kinda hard taking the time to write up posts.

So I hope you forgive me. But if readers would please put input, like comments, than I would have a better idea of how to go.


One thought on “Sorry for the lame posts

  1. That\’s ok. You don\’t have to go into a nitzy about it. I think you write fine. Just because there aren\’t commenters, doesn\’t mean nobody cares. I\’m quite sure many people visit and read.
    Keep it up. 

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