A world without the Internet – 3 whole weeks for me

Due to some problems in transitioning internet service to a new house, I haven’t been connected for a weeks. In the process, I’ve changed from Comcast Cable high-speed, to AT&T’s DSL internet. I’m hoping that DSL isn’t too slow compared to cable speed. The bill from Comcast (who took over Time Warner a few months ago) is somewhat higher than ever, so we decided it was time to switch. Ugh.

Unfortunately, AT&T seems to be taking their time. I’m prewriting several blog drafts in advance, so I don’t have to catch up a lot. I’ve still got 6 days.

But enough about connection problems. What would life without the internet be like? For all of us?

Imagine, if one day, somebody unplugged the Internet tubes. Or even cut the tubes. How would the world be without it?

What exactly do people use the internet for? For me, I use it to catch up on the latest news (tech, sports, business, green), latest blog posts, find some extra info. for help with work, tips, interesting articles, entertainment, community Q&A sites, and even the occasional blogging.

I also use it to play catch-up with my e-mails, send IM’s, have access to buying/sampling music files from online music stores, weather on my desktop, updates to the system or programs, and a variety of desktop stuff requiring the Internet to work.

This is probably the same for most people, or at least some of it. As you can see, today’s computer use generally requires the internet to work.

And if the Internet were to just fail on us one day, imagine the catastrophe.

Communications would have to depend on just calls (maybe), or snail mail. Lots of programs that require the internet in some way, just won’t work fully.

You’ll have to depend on the TV or local newspaper to get news, instead of the variety from ones on the internet.

People have no way of publicly blogging their life/interests away.

Jobs involving big-time internet companies would die.

You can’t get updates. (not that I know of)

You can’t get access to other parts of the world, at least not simply. After all, many people can connect with each on the Internet, because access was easy, instant, and cheap.

Essentially, the world would be not as fast-paced as it is now. Which is sad – our dependence on being connected to the tubes.

That’s how I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks. I didn’t have time (or any idea) that I would be unhooked for so long. I was so unprepared for days anticipating getting back to others, telling them I’m not there for awhile, finishing up business, before it does so itself, and a bunch of other things.

But it’s too late. By the time I do get connect, my digital life is ruined. Practically. Anyone who does actually read my blog will have given up on me. Community Q&A sites will have picked out answers to questions all by themselves. I’ll be so behind on news, especially tech news. It’s essentially over for me.

Sadly, I blame myself too (and AT&T and others). I spent way too much time on the Internet, before this. Like maybe even 2 or 3 hours a day. Or more. I got so hooked on to the internet. Like an addiction. Everyday, I would do the same type of stuff, and couldn’t imagine not checking every so often.

I got so into it, that I never imagined coping without it. Most people my age aren’t pulled into the internet as deep as I am. I hate to say this, but I spent lots of the past 2 years more on my digital life than my real personal life. Sad, isn’t it?

So the past 3 weeks, I’ve been bored to death. It’s been crummy. Waiting every day to hope it will come back on. Sigh. It’s been real hard on me. I’ve got so much anxiety and anger in me. All because of being hooked to the internet.

So I’ve learned a lesson from this – Don’t spend too much time on the Internet. Obviously, people can live without it every day, because they don’t have personal access or something, but they adapted their lives to what’s real in their life – not something digital.

I think that from now on, I’ll work on making life away from the internet much more easier. Hang out with friends more, do some needed work, participate in local clubs, and having a real hobby and talent put to use.

I just hope I can do it right.


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