Zune 2.0 to be the marking point of the Zune line – Will Zune live or die?

Zune 2.0 is to be a crucial product from Microsoft. It’s the deciding factor of whether the Zune’s dead forever, or will live on forever.

As is apparent, the first version of the Zune failed to attract much or any positive attention. Many analysts (or average joe’s) have considered the Zune a flop.

All I can say is that Microsoft is the biggest software company in the world. And with all the resources and employees, why couldn’t they build a better music player to hit the market?

Why did they make the software awful, lack several key features, and not come out with more models?

Because it almost sounds like Microsoft wants to embarrass themselves on it.

So when Zune 2.0 comes this Fall, it better be something that will make anyone go ga-ga over it. Nothing pathetic, nothing small, nothing boring. It has to be a hit-sensation, or bust.

With the iPod Touch coming, the Zune really has something coming it’s way. Can Microsoft make something really cool out of the Zune 2.0?

I consider that the Zune 2.0 is a pretty crucial indicator of whether the Zune will die or not, because there was a lot of disappointment about the first Zune. It was a good player, but not a great player. There’s a difference.

So people have bought Zune, stuck up for it with fan sites, and carrying them around. Most of the users say that all they have to wait for is some new firmware updates, and it will be packed with a touch of features. Wait until the fall, and there will be new models.

But how long are people going to wait? How will they feel when Zune 2.0 comes out?

Consumers do allow 2nd chances, but only once.

If Zune 2.0 is another flop, where it provides relatively small difference to what’s available in the iPod, then Microsoft’s sunk on the Zune line.

It will come as another embarrassment to MS history.

So Zune team – you ought to keep working on it.


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