Microsoft – the power of forging into niche/untapped markets

Microsoft the largest software company in the world (a phrase I may have been using a wee bit too much lately) ought to get into the idea of hitting untapped/niche markets.

What are niche and untapped markets?

niche market – a special market, usually small, that’s usually notable for something they specialize in

untapped – a market that hasn’t been pulled out yet, or one without any noticeable impact (yet)

Those are key areas Microsoft should try working on.

Take for instance, Windows Live Writer.

Before there was Live Writer, most people simply had to blog right on the site itself. Sometimes, the site’s layout made it difficult to do so, or there were limited options.

But with Live Writer, that changed. Now we have a nice app. to do our blog posts in, and it works great for what it does. It’s simple, easy to use, and it works. Bloggers have been wanting stuff like that, Microsoft made it, and now it’s a success. A small one, but important to the blogging community.

So by going into an untapped market, and making a wonderful app., they really came out strong in there.

So why doesn’t Microsoft try doing that some more?

Some ideas would be like:

  • eBook/audiobook store – a nice one, like online music stores are. Has practically every book ever made, even out-of-print ones.
  • Healthcare software – A united software/system to help hospitals and healthcare clinics across the country. Easy to use, pretty, functional, all that stuff is what we want. Most these days are very hard to work with.
  • Polling site – There’s many mini-poll sites, but no major known ones. Windows Live/MSN can lead the pack here.
  • Lightweight e-paper app – something similar to PDF, but better. Makes it easy to send document files from one place to another, as is, and provides the long-ending solution to the paper-less office
  • Lyrics in purchased music – I don’t know why record companies don’t bother to add lyrics to the songs I buy, but it would be nice to offer them. For free, or I’m sure people are ok with 10 cents extra. Just give it to us please. Nobody else does this as far as I know.
  • Online Journal – sort of like OneNote, except it can be open to the public, or select friends. Easy to customize with tons of layouts, designs, themes, fonts, and stuff. Users can also purchase stuff to add to their journals. It’s sort of like blogging, but more of a personal way. Most blogging today, is really about news in your own view.

That kind of stuff. Stuff that people have wished and wanted, but haven’t been delivered yet.

Microsoft can lead the pack, and put these to the market before someone else does. That’s how you become/considered innovative, ingenius, and lead the world. By making things people want.

Microsoft should be able to delve into these kind of things quicker, considering they are a large software company. It’s only smart.

I really hope Microsoft can lead the world on something new and good. This is just the start.


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