Live Search’s latest new look implemented

The latest new Live Search look has been recently implemented.


To reach it, just go to, and select "search only" at the top right if it’s not already there.

I have to say, I kind of like it. It’s kind of nice looking, and really clean cut. Yet’s it not the same bland, no-nonsense kind of clean like Google’s is.

This is definitely a step up.

However, I have to remark about some things that I don’t like:

  1. Video Search – Video Search is still in beta, and has a long way to go until it’s done. Why it’s like the 3rd choice to choose from, without a beta mark surprises me. I say Video Search should be removed until it’s actually done.
  2. Magnification on Windows Live sites – This is a recurring issue for many other Windows Live sites besides this. On my IE7 browser, or any other browser, if you magnify to the page closer, the layout becomes messy and hard to navigate on. The Windows Live Orb logos become really pixilated, and it’s just awful if you want to magnify a lot. Windows Live really needs to work on that. It’s still there in the latest one too.
  3. ‘Spyglass’ icon seems gone for good – I’m not going in emphasis about this again, but I really loved the magnify glass-search like feel to it. It distinguished Windows Live from the others. Now they’re just putting a plain boring search button in place. Isn’t there a way to integrate it into the new refresh, instead of abandoning it?
  4. Displaying country’s flag in the top right corner – more of a design aesthetic than something important, but I think Windows Live/MSN ought to start displaying the flag of each country the site is meant for, right at the top right. Like for example a U.S. flag on the top right to indicate an American site, or a Portugal flag if I visit a Portuguese version. Doing the whole flag thing is just for aesthetics, nothing else. People feel healthier if it looks nicer.

That’s about the only things I have to mention. Otherwise than that, the latsest version of Windows Live looks quite nice, and hopefully this is the age of digital construction.

I love the latest version – : )


3 thoughts on “Live Search’s latest new look implemented

  1. @Basem ali: Well, um, thanks for reading my articles. But if you don\’t like Microsoft, why do you read them?
    It\’s not like you have to read them. SunMicrosystems is ok, I guess, but it\’s not like they\’re one of the top software/hardware companies in the world, are they?
    In case you don\’t know, I write about Microsoft or other tech related articles. If you don\’t like it, then don\’t read it.  

  2. Michael : i don\’t read all of ur articles but i see ur interesting of Microsoft so i commented
    at last sorry if u misunderstanding me

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