Windows TV (Center)? Spring 08′?


This by no means, is not a real genuine article. This is just a made-up article I do for fun every now and then. Now, if Microsoft DID do these types of things, well let’s just say the whole world would be a lot more interesting…


Windows TV (Center) coming out in Spring 08′?

What exactly is Windows TV (Center)?

According to this blog, Windows TV (Center) is suppose to be a big competitor against Apple TV. You know, digital media receivers.

"Windows TV (Center) is meant to give the Apple TV a run for a money. It will outdo what the Apple TV currently does, by operating the same things Apple TV can do right now, plus extra features that Apple TV doesn’t have. It will have an amazing look, easy-to-use, and just a great way to enjoy your digital media – words often expressed with Apple products…" – Blog source.

So is Microsoft really going to pull something out on the Apple TV? I hope so. Apple TV looks lame from what I’ve heard.

Windows TV (Center) seems to still be working on the name issue. After all, does "Windows TV" really sound that appealing to you? Apple TV doesn’t sound any better, but how would you feel the name of Windows TV? Other possible names include: Windows TV, Windows TV Center, Windows Entertainment, Windows TV, and a variety of Windows-related words. So Microsoft can make things more unified instead of too many name branch-offs like in the past.

There’s sketchy details, but it appears that Windows TV will look sort of similar to this:

                                                    OR THIS

You know, sort of similar to that hockey-puck form-factor. Except it won’t be as really pasty white and yucky looking like the  Sony Vaio VGX-TP1.

It’s a pretty much all-in-one unit. The round-based unit includes:

  • Disc tray – the top opens up like a lid. CD’s, DVD’s, and possibly HD-DVD’s or BluRay’s can be put in.
  • Remote – slide out remote from the front end of the unit. It’s not confirmed, but there could be a touchscreen, simple-like controls, Vista Sideshow capable, and all that. A bit excessive, but neat.
  • 80 or 140 GB versions
  • Components include: HDMI input/output at 1080x, 7.1 surround sound support, 2 USB output/input ports, Gigabit ethernet, and not much else is known on technical aspects with numerous ports
  • Back-lit Windows logo – It’s the 21st century, of course.
  • No overheating – Microsoft has promised that there would be no excessive overheating. They placed some new technology that takes care of that.
  • The units dimensions are around less than 1 sq. ft for each dimension

Features Include:

  • Synchronization with Windows Media Center (main TV interface)
  • Synchronization with Windows Media Player
  • IPTV – enabled
  • HD-DVR
  • Live Desktop Video (30 fps or higher?)
  • TV and radio tuner
  • WiFi
  • many codec/format supports (not just Microsoft long-standing proprietary ones)

That’s just some of the ‘known’ features. There could be a whole lot more. Also a ton more that I wouldn’t understand.

Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3, as it usually is. It’s practically plug and play almost.

The front end of the whole experience is Windows Media Center of course. Windows Fiji should be released in the same time frame, and include the new updated version of Windows Media Center, which should explain as to why this product is waiting to be released in Spring 08′. Of course, Windows Media Center is easy to use, and many consumer will like that.

Content can be bought directly from Zune Marketplace (on WMP 11 now) straight from the TV. It’s very easy to do. Since Microsoft has made deals with many media outlets, there’s a large variety of TV content going around on ZuneM. There’s also a large selection of HD choices. You can buy games, karaoke songs (now songs come with lyrics for an extra 10 cents), and a bunch of other Zune Marketplace content can be bought right from the TV and played on the TV.

Photo and Videos play well of course.

So let me sum it all up : Windows TV Center will be one of the end-all approach to anything for your digital entertainment. It’s basically what Apple TV should have been. Except, now it has all those extra features.

There hasn’t a been a named price yet, but some people are predicting that the 80 GB version will be $199.00, and the 140 GB version will be $270.00.

This announcement is to go along with other big announcements, of Microsoft releasing big time products/services to show that their going to forge deep into the digital entertainment dept.

I really hope Microsoft has something up their sleeves, and this isn’t another case of the Zune v1, vs. 5Gen iPod. I’d hate to see that happen again.


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