Is Microsoft really a monopoly anymore?

That’s the question that came when Microsoft lost the EU appeal.


                                                           (picture from Engadget article)

Is Microsoft really a monopolistic tyrant as today?

The EU claims that Microsoft has decreased competition and innovation, making sure it stays the dominant player, by making their software lock in people like that.

Is that really true?

Here’s what I think about Microsoft and monopolies:

I consider Microsoft to be a monopoly – back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. That’s when Microsoft being a monopoly was. Their stuff seemed pretty lame back then, it seemed that Microsoft just wanted you to be locked in, and all that. Microsoft was also growing lazy and not innovating at all.

But these days, Microsoft is a pretty nice company. Not a monopoly.

These days, people have alternatives from Microsoft.

If you don’t like Windows, get OS X or Linux.

Don’t like IE? Get Firefox or Opera.

Don’t like Microsoft Office? Get OpenOffice or iWork.

There is alternatives – so Microsoft isn’t really a monopoly, or own the whole market on one thing. Making it unfair and stuff.

Then people say that a monopoly isn’t so bad, it’s just how a big company uses that power. So what has Microsoft done that’s really unfair? That’s hurt consumers and all that? I can’t really think of a thing that has effected me at all, coming from Microsoft.

If you think Microsoft is a monopoly, then you should consider Apple and Google also.

Apple is by far, more of a monopoly in themselves, than Microsoft is. With Windows, you have tons of things you can do with it. With Apple, OS X comes only on Macs, OS X is practically compatible with mostly-only Apple software, iPod & iTunes, you’re practically locked into Apple’s system.

With Google – they practically own the web search market. If you want a toolbar, or a new computer, or even your ISP, Google comes attacking in, trying to be your search mate. And there’s been allegations as whether if Google is using your private data for more than just ads.

Of course, the EU is going to start getting on Apple’s and Google’s case later.

But it all seems ridiculous.

If a company is using their power to really hurt the whole market, and threaten that nothing can come out, then that’s when it’s time to step in.

As for now, I’m thinking that the EU’s fines are just to pay for their water bills.


One thought on “Is Microsoft really a monopoly anymore?

  1. I guess I have to agree with you. Microsoft isn\’t the monopoly it once was. It\’s changing – slowly, but they\’re changing I guess.
    It\’s like their as bad as the company they were years ago. They\’re pretty ok. I just wish they would do something new and life-changing.

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