New Zune 2.0 software?

Here’s some speculation to what users have been expecting the new software update to the Zune 2.0 to be. With a new Zune product, I’m quite sure Microsoft will release a top performing hit with the Zune 2.0. After all, with the v1 Zune being a somewhat flop, Microsoft probably outdid itself to release a product that can outdo that Zune.


So here’s something I think we can expect:

  • Transition from old Zune software to WMP 11 – Zune software is the most buggy program there is. WMP 11 is the best. Now the new update transfers all that info. from your old Zune software to WMP 11. Now WMP 11 is your place for syncing and managing your Zune software stuff. This also makes Zune a PlayForSure device. While you can get to any other online store like Napster, eMusic, etc., Zune Marketplace is the preferred destination to get your content. Zune Marketplace itself is suppose to be so good, that you would rather go there. But if you want, then go ahead with any other online store.
  • New WMP 11 – Not necessarily WMP 12, but a new update. The new modified version will have much more codec support, speedier navigation, enhanced visualizations scheme, better DVD playback performance, enhanced ripping/burning, and who knows what more.
  • URGE to become Zune Marketplace – Since Microsoft runs both, and URGE and Zune Marketplace are essentially the same, it makes sense for Microsoft to drop one or the other. In this case, URGE will be dropped in support for Zune Marketplace. Each already has essentially the same thing, so it’s no big deal. It’s just the matter of convincing current URGE users to become Zune Marketplace users.
  • Improved Zune Marketplace – Zune Marketplace has signed up with more major content providers. Now you can find music, videos, TV shows, movies, audiobooks, Zune backgrounds, and several other exclusives all on Zune Marketplace. However, there’s no games yet. Now it’s finally catching up to the iTunes store.
  • DRM free tracks – Finally, Zune is offering DRM free tracks. They can be played on any device. Not much detail, but they should have a relatively nice quality, and should be any more than $1.50.
  • New interface – Not the blucky old navigation on the old one. The new one does away with that all. Expect a lot of black background and white text. Seems to be the style these days. Zune Marketplace is suppose to move much smoother, and a better way of navigating to find what you want. There’s also new layout styles for media, such as lists, lists + cover art, tile, carousel, and space. Of course, the layouts will look 10X better than ever. Overall, it’s more aesthetically pleasing than you’ll find in most stores.
  • Support for Pandora radio – Now you can get Pandora radio on your Zune. Cool, right? You can use Pandora radio while on WMP 11, and you can even do it on your device. Pandora on the device, looks for some WiFi (about time it’s useful) and if it finds a connection, you get Pandora content tracks on your device. If you really like a new song you discover, you can bookmark it, and maybe you’ll be interested in buying it on Zune Marketplace. Good idea, right? Sounded cool to me. All of what you do with Pandora gets saved onto WMP 11.
  • Better synchronization – Syncing with the Zune can still be a hassle sometimes. New synchronization promises to be much faster, more syncing than stopping, and it just works as quick as that. I’ve had videos not syncing, because Zune could support big files like that, or who knows what, but it was a pain. The new sync is suppose to just work.

Well that’s about it. 8 new things that we can expect about the Zune. Or should expect the Zune to follow.

I bet if Microsoft followed this path, it would be so much better for users. Honestly. I don’t see how my expectations, would fall short of anyone else’s expectations.

So if the Zune goes this path, it will be so much better than losing with the old Zune software.


One thought on “New Zune 2.0 software?

  1. I like the idea of a new Marketplace, and switching over to WMP 11.
    I would be so sold out for any software update like this.

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