Zune 2.0 to launch soon

Well now they’re here.


                   (new firmware?) photo via Engadget                                                         (new Zunes?) photo via ZuneScene.com

And I’m kinda disappointed. I was thinking that with the non-success of the v1 Zune, Zune 2.0 would really make a difference.

The new Zune is nice, but not anything groundbreaking. Sigh.

At least it doesn’t seem groundbreaking from what I’ve seen. Sad.

I think the new Zunes look much uglier. The whole squircle thing seems rather silly. The UI worked with the d-pad before, so what’s up with the squircle? Does that mean a new UI coming in an update?

And we’re still waiting for more news to come in about the Zune’s new firmware.

So the whole thing was yet again, another disappointment. I mean, this is Microsoft, we expect more out of them.

I’m pretty sad by the news.

Meanwhile, the iPod Touch becomes even more popular, even though the screen is awful, stores relatively little for it’s price, and a bazillion other reasons, of how they’re not as good as what you can get. Amazing.

So for now, I’m generally underwhelmed.

I guess we’ll have to wait for official news on Wednesday to get the better scoop.

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