Zune’s new software – no WMP 11 transition


While I am very happy that Zune has a whole new computer software to work on, I’m still sad to see that a new version of WMP 11 won’t be held for the Zune.

I still consider WMP 11 to be the best media management program out there. Microsoft even has a special site where users/developers can release codecs, skins, and visualizations for WMP 11 : http://www.wmplugins.com/

All Zune really had to do was transition Zune Marketplace over to WMP 11, get rid of URGE and send some of it’s content to ZM, and release an update to allow Zune syncing on WMP 11.

Then Zune is a PlayForSure device, meaning Microsoft will hurt less of it’s so-called partners that way. At least it offers a fair chance, meaning Zune Marketplace ought to have something worthwhile for users to adopt that one.

WMP 11 itself deserves a much needed update – making the player load and work faster, enhance the rip/burn software, come with more natively supported codecs (instead of users having to use an alternative or search around to find one), make it look/work better in a internet browser (looks quite sqaushed and tacky right now), enhanced visualizations (compared to iTunes on Mac, WMP needs catching up!) and just general improvements that we’ve been waiting for.

That’s all that was really needed. Nope – it looks like WMP 11 will die, which is sad.

I’m not sure about the new Zune Marketplace of course yet, which looks pretty nice, but WMP 11 was a #1 wish many Zune users wanted. And I’m not talking about a modified version.

The new Zune software looks somewhat promising, I guess, but we can’t be sure until we see more.


Major improvements are:

  • 1 million DRM free tracks – We’re not talking about watermarked mp3’s either. These are suppose to be "real mp3’s" with full quality, and not low quality ones. Sounds good. I might consider buying them now.
  • podcasts and music videos – about time. At least they’re there, and Microsoft hasn’t changed the "podcasts" name.
  • drag-n-drop widely used – there were several demo videos going about, and in a small section, you can see a lot of drag and drop use. That was already ready available, but I guess it never looked this visually appealing.
  • WinFS-like – Not by function, but the way it works. Things move very fluidly and smooth, just like demo videos of WinFS. Pretty neat. I like that.

Not much more than that. All the new Zune news sounds great, but I (and many others) really want the Zune team to release the update to all current Zune users as possible, so we can really experience it.

So it looks like WMP 11 integration won’t be there. Sigh.

Hopefully, this is better than the old software. Hopefully.


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