Microsoft should just be simple and support many codecs and formats – or else

I’m always tired of Microsoft not providing extra codecs in their software sometimes. They’re doing better on moving away from being so proprietary with WMV and WMA, but they still have some work to do.

I don’t see why Microsoft can’t just simpy natively support many codecs and formats.

Because, either ways, it comes down to the user in these two ways:

  1. The user will go on the internet, search for a codec to download, a codec converter, or something of that kind.
  2. The user will just simply find an alternative, that actually does support that format.

So either ways, it appears that it’s just not worth for Microsoft to not support many formats. Users will simply find some site to download on their own, or use a completely different alternative. So Microsoft would lose both ways – a waste of time searching for codec switchers, and losing towards another competing product/service.

So Microsoft should just natively do that, it’s much easier, and makes Microsoft look nicer.

I would also love a media converter, with tons of codecs, to be built in WMP 11, or even a file converter in Office, to quickly get your docs in order.

So that’s something Microsoft should do – natively support many formats, not just proprietary ones.

You’ll have happy users, and they’re more like to stay with you.

That’s all. Can Microsoft do that?


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