Windows Vista SKU’s – expect price changes and drops


Finally, we’re seeing something new done to the various Vista SKU’s. A problem that Microsoft has always had with SKU’s – too many, too confusing.

As of currently, there is (in retail price):

  • Windows Vista Starter (no pricing yet)
  • Windows Vista Home Basic ($199.00 US)
  • Windows Vista Home Premium ($239.00 US)
  • Windows Vista Business ($299.00 US)
  • Windows Vista Enterprise (depends on company’s Software Assurance license)
  • Windows Vista Ultimate ($399.00 US)

And that’s not including 32/64 bit versions, EU’s certified "N" versions, and Korea’s "K" and "KN" versions, and upgrades.

Sigh. Way too many SKU’s. Unfortunately, that just confuses and screws up consumers.

So Microsoft is finally cutting down – at least on the top 6 versions I mentioned.

Microsoft is now trimming it down to 2 SKU’s : Ultimate (now called simply "Home") and Enterprise (now simply called "Business")

They are quite different from the previous SKU, namely in price change:

  • Home – All the features of the Ultimate version. There is a price change however – expect copies going around $200. Not the insane price of $400. A big cut – by 1/2.
  • Business – All the features of Business and Enterprise. Strictly for Business operations only. Price will vary depending on Software Assurance license. This version is really geared towards major companies running Vista. Any company – small or big – just has to sign-up and that’s it.

So this looks really good. The choices are much more simplified now and even cheaper. Can you believe that?

Funny thing is, is that’s how it was for XP, kind of. In XP, the main retail products were Home and Pro.

Microsoft says it will continue to use this (Home & Business/simplified) way of selling it’s SKU’s. No more sub-standard packaging like "Home Basic" "Starter" or anything like that. Microsoft’s in it for the quality.

It’s about time Microsoft realized simplified SKU’s are the way to go. I’m happy. Can’t wait for SP1.

News via Reuters


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