Windows Live OneCare 2.5

This is pure speculation.


Here are things that I think the next OneCare product will do:

  • Enhanced security – There’s still some criticism from critics who claim that OneCare isn’t as secure as some of the other AV programs. I’m betting Microsoft will do more enhancements to 2.5 to make sure it works better in stopping viruses.
  • $20.00 or less – OneCare yearly subscriptions are around $50 (although you can really pick it up cheap at Sam’s Club or Costco around $11). Since Microsoft doesn’t want to shaft it’s customers, and make paid AV programs look like a money waster, they will lower the price significantly. Or heck, even include it for free with Vista Ultimate
  • Less annoying notification pop-ups – While OneCare does a bit better than the other AV programs, in terms of pop-up notifications, it’s still annoying to many. The next version will definitely do very little pop-ups. No pop-ups come up for general things. Only if there’s truly an emergency or something that the users ought to be notified right away, will a little pop-ups message come up. That’s it. Hopefully it works.
  • Registry Cleaner – Many users have been wanting this. It’s suppose to remove unneeded junk out of the Windows registry.
  • More features – I’m not sure what features, but anything that will rival both free and other paid AV programs. Microsoft should be on the ball to be the best.
  • Easy to opt out – I’ve heard complaints that the OneCare service won’t let you opt out, or you press a choice, and you’re still stuck in the loop. Microsoft ought to do something about this, or they won’t look any better.
  • Better support files – People also complain about the Help Files not being helpful. I’m not sure how, but maybe they have to be easier to read, or actually have the question in mind.

I’m thinking that the next OneCare product will be better. Not that I’ve even tried or used it.

I also heard Norton & McAfee are trying to copy the ease and experience of OneCare. Like Norton 360 is an obvious example.

I’m also thinking that the OneCare site will be revamped. The site is pretty boring, and doesn’t make me want OneCare. Here’s what they need:

  • A full feature list of all the "actual" features that OneCare can do. A brief description and some graphical depicting this
  • Internet safety tips – A whole list of common, tips that every computer user should follow on the internet, to ensure their safety. Like don’t just handout you e-mail to anyone on the internet. Don’t download too  many things that are called "free". Stuff like that. Easy to read and understand, with little pictures, will be the #1 page that internet newbies will be linked to.
  •  Videos – to help newbies understand where to press to do this and whatnot
  • Screenshots – screenshot of several shots of the OneCare product in action

Things like that. Microsoft has to do a better job than the bland site they offer now. That site is practically only useful to just get the OneCare product. I don’t feel informed or anything.

So I’m guessing OneCare 2.5 or 3 will be tons better.

Oh, and maybe the team can blog a bit more often. They haven’t blogged since July. The Safety Center team too. They haven’t blogged since January 07′!

Is it really that hard to be more close to your customers, rather all corporate like and unfriendly?


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