Microsoft HealthCare Initiative – A step towards a universal health system, kind of

As Microsoft is moving into healthcare services, we’re seeing Microsoft being committed to providing new software for healthcare facilities, doctors, and nurses. Microsoft’s purchase of Medstory and Allscripts really helped significantly.

So now Microsoft is launching this whole thing called the "Microsoft HealthCare Initiative"

This program will help extend Microsoft’s latest endeavor – Health & Patients 08′ – be available to medical staff around the country.

I kind of really like the idea of Health & Patients 08′. If you’re not familiar with it, H&P 08′ is a dedicated program that helps you manage your many patients, including their brief medical bio, health status, contact info., and many other things. It’s very efficient, and makes it so much easier to keep tabs on your patients. This product came all under the idea of the Healthcare Common User Interface guidelines launched by Microsoft several months ago. 

It’s suppose to be very user-friendly for doctors. Enter a patient’s name, add contact info, known medical bios, and other things medically related to the patient. You can keep track of latest diagnoses, surgeries, and any other treatment done. The UI is very simple to navigate through, controls don’t work very clunky like, and heck it even looks beautiful. It has some aesthetic to it, and moves very 3D or fluid-like. Pretty nice touch.

If a patient happens to move, or switch doctors, it’s very easy for patients info. to get transferred to the new doctor’s H&P program. There’s of course a few step to ensure the safety of that, but it’s not too complicated.

Patients themselves also have access to their medical info. online. Microsoft has a very secure site that ensures only the patient has access to this. Scoff as you may with "Microsoft" and "security", but it works. Navigating through this isn’t hard at all either.

No more clunky software. No more trying to scavenge through piles of paperwork to find something. No more need to spend extra money and time on cleaning this up.

It just works.

H&P 08′ is the #1 patient monitoring/info-keeping program there is. At least by popularity.

Unfortunately, it can get rather expensive. Getting one license of the program cost about $400. It only installs up to one computer.

Although for large medical facilities, you can get as many as 40 licenses for a rather reduced price.

H&P 08′ is available to health care officials and doctors only. Like I can’t just walk to Circuit City and ask for a copy. You have to be a registered doctor.

Well, Microsoft is working on making it available to even more doctors. For a limited time (until mid-2009), you can get a copy of H&P 08′ for about $100. That’s it. Amazing, huh? 75% less than what it usually costs.

I’ve seen one of them before, and it really looks nifty. My doctor, had this new Sony Vaio TouchTablet, and it looked cool. I bet even I could do it.

So anyway, this is a great advancement in medical technology – at least in making it easier for healthcare workers to use.
Video: View on Vista – Patient Monitoring


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