MSN Groups to be revamped and become Windows Live Groups

Yay. I was expecting this a long time ago.

MSN Groups appears to be going to Windows Live Groups, according to LiveSide.

It also appears to be integrated with Windows Live Spaces, which makes complete sense. That’s what was on one of my Live Spaces features wishlist. For a Group-like thing on there. I mean, what kind of "social network" doesn’t have a place for mini-communities?

Wikipedia had some info. about some possible template systems made in Windows Live Groups:

  • Share Group – allow group members to add or view each other’s photos and videos
  • Discussion Group – allow group members to discuss a common topic and learn from each other
  • Keep In Touch Group – allow users to stay connected with their families, friends and collegues using Windows Live Spaces
  • Coordinate Group – allow users to keep people around them organized
  • Generic Group – multipurpose group that allow users to do any of the above functions

So maybe it’s going to be good. Anyhow, MSN Groups is awful compared to Google, Y!, and Facebook groups, so I would love to see exactly what Windows Live has in store for it’s competition.

The release of Windows Live Groups should be in November 07′ along with the release of Windows Live Events. And hopefully Windows Live Calendar.


9 thoughts on “MSN Groups to be revamped and become Windows Live Groups

  1. MSN groups are awfull compared to Google , Yahoo , and facebook ? My answer to that is have you ever been in a Yahoo/Google
    group ? Either doesn\’t even compare to MSN groups . As a matter of fact , with all of their money , they should be ashamed of
    themselves , I don\’t see many people in those groups at all . As far as facebook , way too many apps . Plus you have to enable an app that your contacts have if you want to view what they have sent you . In essence , your facebook / page is 20 feet long like mine is . I have a feeling the \’\’ young guns \’\’ at Microsoft feel that a facebook type blog is the wave of the future . Well it may be for the younger generation , but some of the younger generation and most if not all of us old folks like MSN groups format . There\’s nothing we can do to stop MSN groups going to Window\’s Live Groups , but my hope is that it doesn\’t stray too far away from something that resembles the current MSN Groups format . Some of us MSN Groups owners have spent years building a members base , not to mention the hours spent in decorating the pages with awesome art made in PSP etc . I fear that a change too severe would alienate longtime and not so longtime users of MSN/MSN groups . I\’ll take a \’\’ wait and see\’\’ attitute on how Window\’s Live Groups are set up on whether it\’s acceptable to myself and the members of my MSN Groups . Ultimately the people that use MSN products including Groups have the final say if it\’s good or not so good . I\’m hoping it turns out well for Window\’s Live Groups and everyone likes it . As usual , MSN has kept this all hush-hush , and will spring it on us , even the .msn people like myself , and MSN Groups owners like myself have no clue as what is going to happen in a few weeks . Do me a favor , go check out Yahoo/Google groups again , a fair word to describe their groups format is pathetic . Now , go check out a phpbb or a freeboards type of group ( you have heard of those right ? )  They are not to bad at all . Many MSN Groups owners have already backed up their MSN groups at some of those simply because of the constant \’\’ whiteouts \’\’ in MSN Groups at times . So for alot of us , a Plan B is already in place .

  2. My apologies , I didn\’t realize this was someones personal Space when I did a web search for \’\’ Window\’s Live Groups\’\’
    It was my intention to air my beefs with Microsoft since they keep everyone in the dark about everything until the last
    possible minute , and I mistook this forum for a Microsoft site .

  3. That\’s quite all right. I understand how you feel. Some people like things the way they are, and change isn\’t appealing.
    I just think Microsoft has a better future in the Windows Live dept. if they upgrade it better.

  4. Please can you tell me what these are? phpbb or a freeboards type of group , i\’d like to check them out. I am co manager of an msn group and don\’t like the fact that msn just disrupts everything without even trying to find out if its what we want.
    Thank you

  5. @(no name) – Windows Live Groups is essentially the same thing as MSN Groups, Google Groups, Y! Groups, Facebok Groups, etc.
    It\’s where users can form sort of an online club, to discuss, show, and interact with something they\’re very passionate about.
    Like a Houston Astros group, a knitting group, a yo-yo group, etc. all about users discussing and contributing things they know in an online group. It\’s nothing new. Still kind of based around the old MSN Groups, but revamped and done better.
    There might be the possibility that Microsoft will migrate old MSN Groups to Live Groups, and they\’ll still work. Might be. Wait and see.

  6. I think the young guns at Microsoft is leaning towards a blog type of format , thats the rave everywhere . I also own a couple of MSN groups and have back-ups to those groups at phpbb . The trouble with those groups is there isnt alot of artistic freedom in phpbb that is seen in MSN groups . Some of the art people create in lets say a MSN groups front page done in PSP and other art programs is truely fantastic . We are afraid that this would be lost in a Window\’s Live Groups whatever their format may be . The unknown is whats really troubling people . The younger set is of course happy with Facebook type of a format , because after all the younger generation were brought up on \’\’ blogs\’\’ Myself have a facebook acct . , don\’t like it at all , but then again I\’m not considered the younger generation . Lots of us old folks are quite content with the current MSN groups format which is probably a finished product . In facebook , they have a half million \’\’ apps \’\’ so if lets say a friend that also has Facebook , and lets say sends you a virtual mug of beer , you have to get that app to see what your friend sent you . So you end up with a thousand apps , and your Facebook page is 3 miles long . This I do not like at all .  So if I can\’t have the current MSN groups format or something similar , I\’ll move everyone to the phpbb back up groups .  people would be more willing to possibly hear what MSN has in store for the future of groups/window\’s live groups  vs the normal Microsoft dumping things on people\’s laps and saying here ya go . So alittle bit of info/honesty from them would go a long ways .  I\’m a former member of the month at Community Feedback (MSN group ) and we have discussed this . (MSN sends people there often for Groups help , they know who we are , it used to be MSN\’s Community help desk ) and I get the feeling that people are disgruntled of the unknown , after all many of us MSN groups owners have worked hard to make our groups like visually appealing , as well as build memberships in our groups . To me it\’s not asking too much for Microsoft to show us alittle of whats in store for the future .

  7. @Maddog:
    I see your point there. I have to say, I\’ve never done any research or have taken a look at MSN Groups compared to other groups. MSN Groups always seemed unappealing to me, so I never bothered with it. But it\’s pretty cool that people like you have taken the site, and made something good out of it. That\’s very admirable. I would have never gone to MSN Groups based on the looks alone.
    Facebook is awesome, and yes, you do sometimes have to download an extra application if a friend wants to share something virtually, and the friends feed does get bulky to read, though you can disable parts.
    And yes, the unknown is always scary. Who knows what Live Groups will be like?
    But I\’m trying to look on the positive side here. I\’m hoping Microsoft will make it easy and simple for MSN Groups users to switch to Live Groups with as little pain as possible. Maybe it will be better? Maybe that\’s why it\’s taking so long? Who knows.
    Just trying to look at the positive side here until we know.

  8. Apparently this may be true , and the rumor is that groups may be able to migrate to a site called \’\’Multiply .com \’\’
    I checked this site out and it looks very \’\’ facebookish\’\’ lol  A few years back M$ booted MSN adult groups and gave the group owners
    the choice to migrate to a site called World Groups out of the U.K. possibly . Of course this hasn\’t been announced yet , but possibly by next month sometime . Here\’s  a thread to MSN\’s old Community/Groups help desk , now run for a few years now by a select bunch of folks that MSN turned it over to when they got tired of running it .

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