About some of my posts – distinguishing between reality and dreams

I’ll be honest with you people – sometimes my writing isn’t necessarily real.


My blog posts are mainly divided up into 2 things : reality and wishes

When I do reality, I do something I really know that’s going to happen. Something that most people probably know by now, or can expect. I get it from many news sources, and I usually try to cite them if I can.

When I do non-reality, or kind of a wishful thinking style – It’s something that I would love to see. I write it in a way that I can really see it before me. Something that I really expect, and could happen. It’s not meant to be a lie – more of expressing my ideas out in a wishful way. I sometimes hope that some Microsoft employee might wander by this site, see a really neat idea, and it could soon be a reality one day. Of course, it probably might not ever happen, but it’s at least worth a try.

I used to put a little note at the top of each post, to explain that it wasn’t real, but it was tiring, and I didn’t really think most people paid attention to this blog. It seemed like a waste, so I dropped the note-thing off.

So here’s the bottom line – if I say something you probably haven’t heard of, then most likely it’s not real. Especially if I don’t provide some type of picture or screenshot of this so-called brand new offering.

If I say something that you’ve never heard of = probably not real

Or I might go back to putting a little notation like "NOTE : Content in blog most may not be real". I might try that to clarify some things.

I’m not trying to lie – just throwing out my ideas in a rather different way.

That’s the whole reason my blog post is called "MSFT and the Future". MSFT as in Microsoft, and "Future" as in something that could happen in the future. Or should be in the future. I also might work on writing about general stuff about the future (non-MS related) and how it can change the world for the better. You could call me a futurist in a way.

So please do not be angry, or forgive me if you’ve already are. This is just a simple blog to give out some ideas and news.


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