Windows Live Events – it’s pretty awesome

Well if you’ve been in a cave for awhile, you’ve probably may not know this, but Windows Live Events has just come out.


Windows Live Events is an online service that allows users to make sort of a webpage-style way of showing/planning events that are going to happen.

It’s sort of similar to Facebook Events, but from what I’ve heard, it’s much more easier and customizable than Facebook’s.

I took a look at it, and it seems nice.

The templates are pretty neat. It similar to the way you can change the theme of your Live Spaces. The template are quite good-looking. They’re not too cheesy, it’s rather simple and to the point. They look rather superb on Live Spaces.

There’s a ton of info. you can add in, and you can even put a Live Map of the location of the event.

You can also add modules, like weather, videos, blogs, photos, etc. Pretty neat.

If you really work into it, you can have a pretty nifty event site going on.

Live Events also has a link that allows you to add events onto your Outlook Calendar, Apple’s iCal, Y! Calendar, Google Calendar, and maybe in the future – Live Calendar.

Live Events looks to be a real hit, because it seems to do a lot, and there are tons of Windows Live users out there.

I also hope for more customization tools, newer templates and support for many other holidays, and allowing Live Events to go international.

So Live Events looks sweet. Can’t wait for more goodies to come out of Windows Live.


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