Windows Live – Why skimp on storage space and text limits?


Now not all Windows Live services are like this, but what’s with the so many character limits, and small storage space?

Like take for example, Windows Live SkyDrive. It’s still in beta, but AOL’s Xdrive already offers 5GB for free. MediaMax give a whopping 25GB for free (although I heard from some people, it’s not good). Live SkyDrive just offers 1GB. Wow. That’s pretty impressive. Not.

Live Hotmail allows up to 5GB of storage. Not quite bad, compared to Google’s low 2.5 free GB. But compared to Y!’s unlimited capacity, Yahoo! beats that pants off it. Personally, I bet many users like me, barely even hit above 1GB, much less 5GB. So by saying there’s "no limit", it’s probably the same as a 5GB limit. Am I right? Live Hotmail should take the same route, claim there’s unlimited capacity space, when most people barely hit above 1GB. At least normal people like me. Unlimited storage still sounds appealing to some folks.

Then there’s character limits. Like on MSN Soapbox, there’s a heavy use of character limits. Like in descriptions, comments, tags, etc. Not very friendly at all. More annoying considering YouTube isn’t that way.

That’s just some of the examples I could find.

Now I know Windows Live and MSN are usually free services, and sometimes they have to cut down to save on storage space, but when people expect WL/M to be ahead of the competition, I expect more storage space, and less text limits.

If Microsoft wants to be ahead of the competition that is.

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