Over 10,000 total page views – Oh yeah!

I’ve hit a milestone. I’ve gotten over 10,000 total page views on my Live Spaces.


Well 10,009 to be more exact (as of 4:48PM 10/15/07)

I consider this an accomplishment.

It’s fun to blog sometimes, and share my opinion. It’s also great to see people at least taking a glance at my blog. I even have people who do RSS feeds on my blog. That must mean I have something good. : )

I even remember a few days ago, I had 261 page views, all in one day! That’s a lot to me.

Here’s a look at my site traffic from "spaces map":


That’s a lot. You notice a ton of visitors from North America and Europe. There’s even some in the Pacific.

It feels great to see all these people visiting my site. Maybe they don’t ever blunder by my site again, but it means a lot to me.

The feeling of getting a ton of page views is very exhilarating for a blogger.


2 thoughts on “Over 10,000 total page views – Oh yeah!

  1. @Jeff Ferguson : Thank you. I felt that was quite an accomplishment.
    Do you read my blog very often? I\’ve seen you comment before.

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