Windows Live Timeline – Something new on the Web 2.0 front?

Does making a virtual timeline on the web sound cool to you? Well that’s what essentially Windows Live Timeline is.


Windows Live Timeline is a way to make your own personal timeline, and upload it on the web to share with friends.

As usual, it’s promised to be easy to use, fun to work with, awesome looking, and all that. Well maybe it will be. Who knows. Although Microsoft doesn’t have a good track record on keeping with promises (i.e. Vista Ultimate toys). The UI to the site is suppose to keep with the Live 2.0 theme, and the timeline itself is suppose to be sleek and fluid to work with.

You can upload pictures, videos, old blog posts from Live Spaces, audio files for playback, your top 10 lists, tons of things.

Then it’s easy as drag and drop. There’s this timeline the stretches across the page – powered by Silverlight – and decades are marked out on there. Then you can pull one of your files, say a picture, and drag it across the timeline. Years will pop-out as you scroll by them, and from there you can just drop it off to any year. If you want to be even more precise, if you can remember, you can also put the exact month and day.

Just drag and drop your memories along the virtual timeline, edit as much as you want, and done. Put a specific date, add some descriptions, change the fonts, colors of the thing, lots of things you can do to edit it.

You can choose to keep it to yourself, share with your select friends, or share it with the whole web.

If you share it with the whole world, remember to be careful around some of your private info. You don’t know what kind of crazy people might visit your timeline, and track you.

It’s really intended for people who love to reminisce about the past, and share it. Kind of like a virtual scrapbook, except mainly dealing with digital memories. Although practically anybody can do it. Forgetful about your past? Upload some stuff to save on your timeline. You won’t forget. Live Timeline is meant for anyone, and many people find that it’s quite useful and fun.

There’s really no limit to how much you can put in. Although it’s advised you don’t throw into too much, because it will only make your timeline complicated to go through, somewhat slower, and not that fun with too many memories.

Like don’t update it every day with what’s going on in your life. That’s more of a Twitter or Live Messenger status messages thing. Live Timeline is not the place for that. It’s for putting memories you consider real keepsakes, and can remember with and share on the web.

You can virtually go into your timeline, and see your life pass before you. Fullscreen mode is especially awesome. Years pass by, you see pictures float around, short video clips playing in the background, your audio sounds, all that passing right by. It’s really so cool. You have to see it to believe it. It’s like really being stuck in a virtual timeline vortex thing. It’s just so ‘virtual’, it’s real. Silverlight really does wonders.

You can view your timeline super slow, or really fast. You can even save a video of your timeline, using an option from the Timeline playback buttons, and upload it to MSN Video, or even your own computer. You can add a audio background throughout the whole thing, and even adjust it to keep with the levels of your video/audio files on Timeline.

Another awesome thing about Timeline, is that you can go as far back as 50 million B.C. all the way to 2020. Really.

I could post cave paintings of me, right back in 25 million B.C.  : )

Or me riding a flying car in 2016.

You can really do anything!

There’s also the possibility of making a timeline for a very famous historical person, like maybe Abe Lincoln, George Washington, any number of guys. Historians would really have a lot of fun with that. If somebody really tried hard enough, you can view an awesome detailed timeline of Harry Houdini in a very entertaining and cool way. It’s like history alive. Much more entertaining than reading through a stuffy textbook.

Like I said, Windows Live Timeline is a really cool innovation for once from Microsoft. I really can’t wait for this to come out. It’s been the most talked feature for awhile. I mean, this is another web 2.0 service coming, and a new one from Microsoft alone! That’s really amazing.

The site is :


4 thoughts on “Windows Live Timeline – Something new on the Web 2.0 front?

  1. You know, that really does seem interesting. Even though it\’s not real, it\’s something I would definitely like to see.

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