Microsoft gets a stake in Facebook – why that’s a great thing

                + = ?

Have you heard the news? Microsoft has a stake in Facebook. A 1.6% for 240 million.

Some people might see this as worthless (as Facebook may not seem that important to some), or a great opportunity to seize another thing landing in Google’s hands.

Some people have made jokes that Microsoft taking part in any web site, is due to be bad (as evidenced by jokes about Facebook being Facebook Live, longer name change, update in 2011, working in IE/Windows only, etc being old Microsoft mistakes from Valleyway). But those sound like Microsoft’s old mistakes. I still can’t believe people think these jokes are really funny or even accurate.

I’m quite sure Microsoft has more business sense than to kill Facebook by making drastic changes to the site, and making Facebook what it never was meant to be.

So here’s something that I would like to see come from this closer partnership:

  • Windows Live applications on Facebook – For those who don’t know, applications on Facebook = gadgets on Live Spaces. Except, I find applications on Facebook are much better in terms of quality, design, and ability than what’s available right now for Live Spaces. (where Microsoft ought to entice, or make themselves product better gadgets for Live Spaces). Maybe a way to show what questions you recently asked on QnA. Your SkyDrive collection, etc. We need more "official" Windows Live/MSN applications on Facebook AND Live Spaces. Microsoft really needs to get on with the times.
  • Live Search algorithm – Maybe the search box for Facebook can be run by Live Search. Makes smart sense for both Facebook and MS. The Live Search algorithm is pretty darn good, and getting better, so why not?
  • Zune Social app – extending from the 1st bullet, another great app. would be the Zune Social thing. Since Facebook is more of a social network than anything, Zune Social really has to be available on Facebook (and maybe Live Spaces). It just makes sense.

Well, that’s the most that could come out in this strong partnership. At least positively that is.

So here’s to hoping Microsoft doesn’t mess up this great opportunity of theirs.


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