NO “OFFICIAL” Zune Marketplace Anywhere – big mistake in posting (sorry)

Seems like I made a big mistake yesterday.

I wrote a post about "Zune Marketplace Anywhere", which was meant to be a post describing Microsoft’s new update that will allow Zune Marketplace to be available on the computer, the device itself via WiFi, your internet browser via MSN Music, and on your WinMo 6 phone.

Unfortunately, Zune Marketplace Anywhere does not exist, and might/probably will never exist.

In my haste to get a new post on my Live Spaces, I forgot to put a little disclaimer at the bottom of the story explaining that this was just a what-if scenario. In other words, made-up just for the fun of it. Get some ideas going and all.

I had no idea it would spread like wildfire.

I got almost 600 page views today, according to the statistics counter in Live Spaces. Highest known record for me ever.

I had sites like, and lately add an article, and a link to my post about this.

HOW they even found my blog is a mystery to me. WHY they would believe anything coming from some anonymous blogger like me is another thing.

So I’m sorry guys. But Zune Marketplace Anywhere is not something real as far as I know. I wish it were, but it’s just a wish for right now.

Hopefully, someone from Redmond is reading this, and might put this to reality one day – soon.


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