Windows Live Gallery gets an update


So it seems the Windows Live Gallery site got an update.

It still looks relatively the same. So what’s new? Here’s what has changed:

  1. Live Bar UI – Well they finally added a Live Bar UI at the top. Makes it already look much better.
  2. Microsoft Points – now developers can sell their gadgets for some MS Points. I don’t like MS Points, but it is a smart way to get developers to build, if they feel like they’re getting rewarded.
  3. More organized gadget details page – the details page for each gadget is much more simplified and easier to look at. It’s much better to see at a glance of what the gadget includes, and is a more straightforward approach compared to the last look.
  4. Windows Live Forum for Gallery – I think this is new, since I haven’t seen it before. It’s quite similar to the one on QnA. Nice to have a place where users can talk about how to make Live Gallery and it’s gadget better, but Live Forum in general looks like something that belonged in the late 1990’s, and should have stayed there. Is it that hard to update the look to make it more friendlier?

Well that’s the main things.

I personally wished instead of Microsoft Points, real currency could be used. Figuring out the exact cost in real US currency is far too much of a hassle that I should have to go through. 80 pts. = $1 makes each point worth approximately 1.25 cents each. If there is such a thing as .25 of a cent. I hope they kill MS Points one day.

At least the gadget details page is much more cleaner and organized to sift through:


Microsoft should appeal to developers to make better gadgets by offering a contest to see who’s the best gadget maker in each semi-category on Live Gallery.

Top prize for each one could be something like a free Sony Vaio laptop with Vista installed on it (my want!), or maybe a free Zune (new one!), an Xbox 360 Elite, Office 2007 Ultimate, or many high-priced Microsoft offerings for free!

That would definitely entice developers to come and build quality gadgets on Live Spaces.

Most of the gadgets right now are kind of buggy and awful.

Some look awful, some don’t work, some have misleading names, some are worthless, some don’t work across all Gadget platforms, some annoy the user more than it helps, and so-on and so-on.

And the gadget details usually has horrible photos of the gadget in action, or the gadget icon. Even Microsoft.

Like take for instance these emoticons somebody from Microsoft made. The icon of this gadget is pixelated, and low-res for a large software company. There’s also no picture or screenshot of these emoticons in action or how they look. Very useful.

It’s great to know Microsoft really knows how to sell their stuff – NOT. Seriously, Microsoft is not setting a good precedent for future developers if they keep making low quality gadgets like this one. If developers aren’t coming over to work on more gadgets, than Microsoft should take the opportunity instead. Make gadgets that people REALLY care about. Like maybe a proper Countdown or Poll gadget?

An International site for Live Gallery would also be appealing. I hate it when foreigners speak in their native tongues on reviews. I can’t read a word.

Well at least the Live Gallery area is improving. Hopefully, they continue to do better.


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