Zune Marketplace Anywhere

A new update for Zune Marketplace lovers.                                                                       

Get Zune Marketplace – anywhere

New updates given by Microsoft will allow you to access Zune Marketplace from 4 main places : your Zune device, your computer (already done), on the web, and on your WinMo phone.

Currently, the only place where you can get to Zune Marketplace (legally) is on your computer.

With new update coming by firmware for the Zune device, update for WinMo 6, and the MSN Music site to get more of a refresh, you can connect to ZuneMarket from there.

Just sign-in with your Live Account, and you can do what you want with your music.

This is pretty great. Now you can have access to more place for Zune Marketplace.

Although putting it on the phone might be a mistake, because it might encourage some people to buy a WM6 phone, rather than a Zune itself. But oh well.

Zune Marketplace on the Zune device sounds interesting. The iPod Touch already does this, but can Zune do a better job at it? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Zune Marketplace is also going on the web too. And no, it won’t be the same old lame MSN Music (the service, not the site) that died because of Microsoft’s no-brain marketing team, and lack of being a quality site.

It will be on the MSN Music site however. It’s suppose to work just as fast and fine.

No screenshots yet, but it sounds great from what I’ve heard. I can’t wait for Zune Marketplace Anywhere support to come.

*disclaimer* –  this is just merely a pretend post. Please do not regard this as for real. I was just planting a what-if scenario.


8 thoughts on “Zune Marketplace Anywhere

  1. Now I\’m annoyed sprint doesn\’t have a good WM6 smartphone, I\’m in the market for one but was going to settle for a moto q since i\’m buying the Zune 80 too. All my problems would be solved if syncing with outlook was supported on zune. I don\’t understand the zune team wanting to focus just on media they could do so much with the MS ecosystem…

  2. They should have their music site for zune be at zune.live.com as a part of the live family. Also, I don\’t think it will hurt player sales that much if anything increase. Mobile phones have no where near the capcity of the new 80gig player, and the hard drive sizes will only increase over time. Once they have tasted subscription service of zune and the zune features keep increasing they will eventually want a separate music/video player. Also they can have the zune pass on multiple devices so it is deffinately a smart move.

  3. @Kris and HaveACoke1886: Sorry, I forgot to put a disclaimer in my blog. I\’ll work on being more careful of including that in my future posts.
    This was just a what-if scenario. But I really am glad at the comments you guys gave.

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