I hate the commenting system on Live Spaces

The commenting system on Live Spaces can be rather redundant.

Why? Here’s the top reasons:

  1. Comments listed from bottom to top – For some reason, where most web blogs have the latest comments at the bottom, and the earliest comments at the top, it’s the exact opposite for Live Spaces. I don’t get why the latest comment goes on top of all the other people. If somebody wants to read the earliest, they might have to go onto the next page to see, which is ridiculous. WE live in America, and we read left to right, and TOP to BOTTOM. NOT bottom to top. Tsk. Tsk. Microsoft. Sigh.
  2. Separating different comments – Most sites somehow visually display comments as separate per user as they can. Live Spaces just muddles them together as one unit. I don’t know how, but comments has to show some visual border against another comment. Maybe dashed lines? Or even a nice big rectangular flat speech balloon, that some fancy sites have been using. Anything to help visually separate the comments from one another.
  3. Needing a Live ID login to post comments – I think you really need a Live ID login to post a comment. Most other web blogs allow anyone who visits a site, a chance to post a comment, as long as they put their e-mail with it, and maybe even a name. But of course, Live Spaces requires a Live ID. I think I’ve seen people pass it before, or maybe they found a way to in the settings. Well I wish anyone could just post a comment if they want to, as long as the provide an e-mail address.

Well that’s the top 3 reasons that has irked me for awhile. Especially #1. Latest comment should go at the bottom.

Do any other Windows Live Spaces users find this annoying? Does it separate you from using Live Spaces often?

Really, the comment system needs to get redone, to make it much more nicer to work with.

Just thought I’d post this to see if any Live Spaces team workers might pass by.


3 thoughts on “I hate the commenting system on Live Spaces

  1. #1 Sorry, I don\’t agree. Having the most recent comment being the first on you come to makes complete senes to me. Perhaps this option should be configurable (let\’s be honest, in the underlying database its simply a case of ORDER BY [time] DESC or ORDER BY [time] ASC so its hardly a big change)
    #2 Hmm…not sure. But it doesn\’t bother me.
    #3 Yeah I kinda agree witht his. What\’s weird is I have seen comments not attributed to anyone and I do wonder how they got there.
    The biggest annoyance for me is the lack of support for trackbacks. If someone links to my blog entry…I want to know about it.

  2. I agree with you both.
    #1 I like oldest at the top better. I agree with this.
    #2 Like Jamie, not that important. It would be nice, but not that significant.
    #3 I also don\’t understand how this happens either. Very mysterious.
    And like Jamie said, I\’ve seen people link to my blog (stats from Technorati) and yet they don\’t show as trackbacks on Live Spaces. I just get a big fat 0.
    Wish they would do something with the commenting system.

  3. @Jamie: Thanks for your thoughts.
    I too agree about trackbacks too. I forgot about that!
    Live Spaces never seems to update my trackbacks, and I KNOW I get a ton of blogs linking to this one. I once tried messing with the trackbacks feature in Live Spaces settings, but it\’s still not working. Argh.
    @quik boy : Thank you. Your thoughts are quite right too.

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