Problems with new Windows OS releases – ought to be solved in Windows 7

Vista – the latest Windows OS that has some riled, and some happy.

Despite the many problems with Windows Vista that some people are experiencing, the only major problem I find is compatibility and support for older software and drivers. That’s the biggie that has some people not wanting it.

Some people insist on waiting until SP2 for full maturity, and compatibility, and for just plain better performance, than the state Vista is in right now. That could be up to 2009 for all we know.

XP really wasn’t that good of an OS until SP2. I use it myself, and everything works great with no problem. Unfortunately, it took several years since the release of XP for it to come.

Leopard has come, and there’s no compatibility (or little) problems for many users.

Why? Because Leopard is still a part of Apple’s OS X.

Essentially, Leopard is sort of like a Service Pack – for OS X.

New features, updates, etc. But in another way, it’s also a whole new OS.

That’s how Windows should work.

I think Microsoft should start from scratch and build a whole brand new kernel, coreor whatever techies call it, for Windows to run on.

The one they use right now, isn’t that good as it should be, and techies like to sling that around Microsoft. The architecture Windows currently runs on is just bloated, and it’s become worse and worse.

Sometimes, it’s best to do away with the old, and welcome in the new. Sort of like how Apple did a whole OS re-vamp. It took time, but now it’s as successful as ever, because this system works very well. Redesigning a system to work very well pretty important.

One that runs efficiently on many machines, that’s lightweight on the specs, with as little security holes as possible, and be just a great working OS. Windows can work great (as it does for many people) by just installing a few stuff, and having a few smarts, but Windows itself should work great as it’s own.

I know tons of experts out there are saying this already, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again.

A whole new kernel architecture would be the best thing for Microsoft to do, instead or releasing a whole new OS that can’t be compatible with older versions.

I could use Linux or OS X right now, but for now, I just prefer Windows.


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