Leopard is not that worth of an upgrade


Now I’ll be honest – I haven’t used Leopard, but based on what I’ve seen, I probably wouldn’t be interested in upgrading to it (FYI : I also have a MacBook Pro I use sometimes).

Why? Because there’s not much.

The ONLY main feature that seems interesting is Time Machine.

And even Time Machine hasn’t proven reliable according to many users. A few problems exist. So why bother upgrading? Just ONE major feature. All the other little things are worthless to me.

Have you seen Apple’s "300 reasons to upgrade to Leopard"?

What a sham. Most of these are very little reasons – many insignificant reasons.

International support? Please, Vista supports more than 25 national languages, and that deeply overshadows Leopard’s capabilities.

Some of them have to do with extras to a few iLife programs. Sorry, but iLife is not included with Leopard – it might come with a Mac in some points, but NOT with Leopard.

Parental Controls? Please, Vista has had these too, and I find many users who use them are very happy.

I could go on and on. But it’s pretty much a crappy fake list. But you do have to give Apple some props. – They at least MADE a list of many ‘features’, placed it on the site in a very easy-to-read format.

Vista recently (as far as I know, but they claim it’s been there awhile) put out a list of "100 reasons you’ll be speechless".

Microsoft – you’re so lame on this one! Speechless? How about using a word that can’t be used neutrally/negatively? Speechless like I can’t believe I bought it? No Microsoft, just stick to "100 Reasons to Upgrade to Vista". Much better. And they were also pretty late with this list.

There’s a TON of stupid reasons on this list too. Sigh. Here are examples:

4. See your world in a whole new light.

5. It can find your stuff.

7. Because you can freeze time

47. Let the fun start now

55. Because success tomorrow starts today

What the heck! Nonsense! Balderdash! Poppycock! That is the dumbest fluff I’ve heard. Did a 2nd grader right this?

And just like Leopard’s 300 features, some reasons are pretty much the same. A ton involve the word "Windows Media Center". Yes, we know it’s the best out there, but that shouldn’t count as 1/3 of the reasons to buy Vista.

There was also a whole lot of "easier-to-do-things" kind of stuff. Whatever.

I had to criticize this one a lot, because I know Vista better than that. Too many of the description were artsy, rather than to-the-point and correct. There weren’t even pictures or videos.

So BOTH lists are incredibly dumb. But Vista’s reasons were a bit more worse. But Leopard’s list isn’t any better.

Well my point is, is to not judge an OS by what they claim it has, but what it can do for YOU.

So if you have Tiger – stick with it. The new OS X might be much more interesting. But Leopard is pretty much a bore.

Any Mac fan who says you should buy it, is dumb. They’re just going to goad on it, but I’m realistic, and know what I’m doing.

Don’t buy Leopard.


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