MSN Green – the real green site for MSN


Finally, MSN has it’s own "real" green site. Welcome to MSN Green.

MSN did partner up with Live Earth to make a green site, but it didn’t feel like it was MSN’s "own" content. More like rebranded stuff.

Well, it still is, kind of. But at least it’s an official green site, that MSN should have had a long time ago. Being green is really cool these days, and MSN’s kind of late to the game, in putting their own site on green issues and living.

It’s very similar to the old Live Earth site. The style and design look similar, but MSN Green takes it a step up by making the hues go well together. Although for a "green" site, there sure is a lot of light/bright blue going on. This MSN site is pretty user-friendly compared to many MSN sites, and is on par with the MSN Entertainment sites, in terms of form and design.

MSN Green also has great ties with other green sites/organizations. Including : TreeHugger, National Geographic, Environmental Defense, The Daily Green, Conservational International,, and Grist. Personally, I thought MSN should have bought TreeHugger, or make exclusive deals for content from them, instead of letting it get sold out to National Geographic.

There are things I wish MSN Green did do though.

Like Games. Couldn’t MSN put some games that are fun, and yet promote the environment and such not? Like a "Sort-the-recyclables" kind of game where you quickly match what recyclable item goes in which bin before time’s up, a "Get rid of the polluters" game, a "Make the grass green" game, and a bazillion other games that could take on significance with environmental stuff.

Also, as usual, most of MSN’s green site is just republished content from other sources. I really wish MSN would make their "own" content. NOT repost the same thing from somebody else. That’s how practically all of MSN’s content is like. It’s pretty sad.

And there could also be more done to make the site much better.

So that’s what MSN green is like. Take a look at it.


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